Weddings really take the limelight this time of year but there are a lot of other pre-wedding celebrations that take place leading up to this magical day. For many brides, a bridal shower is a time for the most special women in the bride’s life to “shower” (as the name indicates) the lady of honour with love! At Liuna Station we enjoy being a part of these super fun “pre-wedding” festivities and we have an abundance of gorgeous spaces to host Bridal showers of all shapes and sizes. For all of you who have been tasked with planning a bridal shower for a friend or family member, we thought it would be fun to share some ideas for throwing a fabulously unique bridal shower.

Pick a theme!

Has the bride to be always dreamed of travelling to Paris? Why not take her there, with a Parisian themed shower! We’re envisioning a chic dress code, red lipstick, perhaps some relaxing French music to set the mood? Keep the bride in mind when you’re picking a theme. Is she a foodie? A book lover? A fashionista? Whatever the bride is into, picking a theme great way to create the framework for the bridal shower and it gives everyone helping out with the planning process a clear picture and sense of direction.

Think Outside the Box

Bridal showers often come along with the reputation of having corny (and sometimes boring!) games. Try to incorporate some more interactive activities that don’t leave guests yawning. One of our favourites is “Words of Advice”. Have all of the shower guests write their best words of wisdom on pretty paper for the bride as she is about to embark on her journey into marital bliss.  Have guests write their name on the back so that the bride doesn’t know who gave which advice. The bride must then read through the notes out loud (this is fun!) and pick her favourite words of wisdom. At the end of it, the bride is left with wonderful mementos and helpful notes from all of her favourite women.

We also love the idea of getting the groom involved. In advance of the shower, ask the groom a series of questions about his relationship with the bride to be – When did you meet? Where was your first date? Who said I love you first? Who is the better cook? etc. Record his answers and on the day of the shower, ask the bride the same list of questions and after she gives her response, play the answers of the groom-to-be. This is a great game full of laughs, and it is a fun way for the women who may not know the groom as well to learn more about him!

All Are Welcome!

Speaking of men…it doesn’t have to be ALL about the bride! Why not throw a co-ed shower? Some brides have many special men in their life that they would like to share this day with too, so what better option than to open the invitation to all!

Timing is Everything

Sunday afternoons are very common for Bridal showers, but why not mix it up a little with a Saturday evening event? Is the bride-to-be a night owl? Think outside the box and plan an evening affair! We love this idea because it gives everyone the chance to relax and unwind on Sunday.

A New Way to Gift 

These days, so many couples have already got their pots and pans and household items in check well before their wedding day approaches, so why not shower the couple with a different kind of gift – the gift of experiences! We love the idea of contributing to a couple’s first adventure as husband and wife – the honeymoon. The couple can provide a list of excursions, museum visits, dinners –whatever they have their sights set on for their honeymoon and each shower guest can contribute to making that experience all the more attainable. While the couple is away, they can send a post card thank you note to each person who helped make their honeymoon experience so special. So whether it’s a romantic dinner in Italy or zip lining through a jungle in Bali, the family and friends of the couple will know exactly how their contribution was enjoyed by the happy couple – How great is that?!

We’d love to chat with you about planning a unique and extraordinary bridal shower, so get in touch with us today to discuss how we can make your next dream event come to life at Liuna Station.

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