Creating your dream wedding has evolved over the years. Couples are able to truly relive their special day for years to come. Working with trusted vendors who provide high quality services is something we take pride in at LIUNA Station. We recently caught up with Nevada Kelly, Wedding Coordinator from AMV Weddings  who provides wedding photography, videography and DJ services in the Hamilton, Toronto and Niagara area. Check out our mini interview below on how AMV Weddings can help your upcoming special day.

LS: Can you tell us a bit about AMV Weddings, and your role in the company?    

NK: AMV is not just a video, and photo company – we are a “Wedding Production House.” Our experienced team of Event Coordinators, DJs, Photographers and Videographers will help plan, produce and capture your wedding with the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism. AMV understands how important this day is to you – and our commitment to understanding the unique needs of your wedding ensures you’ll be able to remember and re-experience your wedding at the highest possible quality.

I am one of the event coordinators with the company, I have been with AMV for over 3 years and absolutely love my job! My role starts right at the beginning when I get to meet all  of our bride and grooms at the beginning of their wedding planning. At AMV every package can be customized to the bride and grooms personal needs and expectations. Once the package is created we schedule engagement shoots, bridal shower shoots, planner meetings and make sure our bride and grooms are completely ready for the big day! And then lights camera action and our team shows up ready to capture all of their wedding memories. AMV WeddingsLS: As technology continues to evolve, what do you foresee in the wedding photography, videography and entertainment industry?

NK: We see it getting better and better every year. At AMV we strive to keep learning and evolving with the technology. We have numerous seminars with our team to make sure we understand and know how to use the amazing new technology offered to us. We have been in the business for over 15 years and we cannot wait to see the new technology that comes with every year. You never know maybe one day instead of same day edits we will be doing bride and groom holographic images.

LS: For readers looking for entertainment /photography support, what do you suggest to look for prior to booking?

NK: We at AMV cannot stress this enough make sure that the vendor you are hiring has back up photographers/videographers/DJs on call for your big day and also back up equipment. We have heard horror stories where the team does not show up on the day of the wedding because of sickness or whatever it may be so that is why we always have on call staff and back up gear ready for every event. This is a one time event so better safe then sorry it was we always say.

LS: What are key features AMV Weddings provides for people who need your services for their wedding day?

NK:  We provide not only reliability and amazing quality but we also our known for our amazing Same Day Edits where we allow our bride and grooms to choose a song and we edit a glimpse of their mornings, ceremony, photo shoot and first dance and actually show it that day!! We also always have two photographers and two videographers for every couple so we do not miss a thing. Our event coordinators also help with the planning of your day and make sure we assign the best team for your unique wedding needs.

AMV Weddings 2LS: With so many weddings companies in the GTHA, what sets AMV Weddings apart from others?

NK: Unlike other wedding companies we believe every bride and grooms has their own unique vision and look for their wedding day so we make sure we schedule the right photographers or videographers for the job. Most companies also do not have back up teams on call or back of gear ready to go at any time on your big day. The main difference is reliably and quality!

LS: Can you share with us your favourite event you supported at LIUNA Station?

NK: We have done so many events at LIUNA Station it would definitely be hard to pick only one! We would say every wedding/event at LIUNA Station is our favourite we love working with the amazing teams at LIUNA Station.

LS: With all your years of experience in the wedding industry, what is the biggest lesson AMV Weddings has learned?

NK: Since we have been in the industry for over 15 years we have seen a lot and learned even more. The most important thing that we have learned is you can never have enough people on call and that every wedding is unique and different so you should treat it as such.

We’d like to thank Nevada for taking the time to chat with us, check out AMV Weddings on Instagram and Facebook.

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