Is it safe to say that you’re reading this blog on your smartphone? If you aren’t, is your smartphone within arm’s reach? Our trusty little devices are often the first thing we grab in the morning and the last thing we let go of before bed. We depend on our phones to tell us the time, the forecast, to call our friends and loved ones and over the past few years, give us access to a world of interaction with social media apps. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (to name a few) have become a leading means of communication and information sharing, and in today’s blog we wanted to provide a few tips on how to use these kinds of platforms leading up to, and on, your wedding day.

  1. Stay on top of things: Create a private group on Facebook for all of your wedding guests. This can serve as a great platform for sending updates, sharing important information and for your guests to easily get in touch with you as well. There are also some great groups you can search for advice from complete strangers on wedding dos and don’ts, tricks and tips from people all over the world in the same position! Also, when it comes to creating your “vision”, platforms like Pinterest are so helpful for brides and grooms-to-be to gather all sorts of inspiration.
  2. Collect Memories: They say your wedding day goes by in a flash. Depending on the size of your guest list, you may not get the opportunity to spend quality time with all of your favourite people – but don’t let that stop you from sharing in their fun! By creating a unique wedding hashtag, any photos that guests take on your special day will be categorized for you in one place, online, so you can live out the moments again and again – and catch some that you weren’t able to the first time around. Some social media platforms even allow you to create your own personalized “filter” so that all of your guests’ photos and videos will be stamped with your unique style.
  3. Set the ground rules: As much as we love social media for all of the wonderful ways it can help organize and store memories, be sure to make things clear when it comes to phone use on your special day. Some couples are opting to enforce a “no phones out during the ceremony” rule so that dozens of little phones aren’t blocking photographers, other guests and so that people attending the wedding are actually SEEING the couple exchange their vows, without a camera screen in between. Whatever your decision, just make sure guests know the ground rules; it can be as simple as a little sign before entering the ceremony that asks people to turn their phones off – just for a while!
  4. Set the scene: We all love a great Instagram backdrop, so why not incorporate a DIY floral wall or stage a little portrait set up with cute furniture and décor that aligns with your wedding’s theme? Maybe mix in some props? These photoshoots are so much fun and make for some gorgeously unique pictures!b1
  5. Remember to live in the moment: You don’t want to be so caught up in sharing your experience with all of your friends online that you forget to actually enjoy the festivities while you’re living them!  Try to find that balance, and truly take in the special day. Your presence is a present, so look up from your phone! You can always post that gorgeous selfie from the comfort of your bed the next day.
  6. Make follow-up a breeze: Just as Facebook groups can help you stay organized and in contact with your guests leading up to your wedding, they can also come in handy once the event has come and gone. Use these kinds of platforms to send out messages of appreciation, share the event’s best photos or even send out mass requests for addresses so you can get started on your thank-you cards!

Every day people are coming up with new, creative ways to use social media for their special day. We love being able to see all of your beautiful celebrations captured, so at your next event with us, tag your photos with #LiunaStation on Instagram or Facebook so we can share in your happiest moments!

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July 2