Once upon a time in the not-so-far-away land of Hamilton, a beautiful Princess named Jacqueline married her Prince Charming surrounded by her closest family and friends at a magical place called Liuna Station.

We all love a good fairy tale. Here at Liuna Station, we are in the business of turning your dream fairy tale into a reality.

We recently caught up with Jacqueline, a bride who alongside her partner, decided to say “I Do” at the beautiful Liuna Station this past October. We asked Jacqueline to fill us in on her love story, her favourite memory of her special day at Liuna Station and what advice she has for brides-to-be.


LS: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your husband.

JS: My husband and I both are very active. We love enjoying the outdoors, especially with our dog Lily up at our family cottage. We believe that life itself can be very stressful and serious, so we make sure that we enjoy life to its fullest every day, making sure that we are always laughing. My husband loves playing sports and working on his car, whereas I love using my creativity towards crafts and decorating. Our different personal strengths really brings us together and creates a never ending bond.

LS: How did you and your husband meet?

JS: We actually met through a mutual friend in high school! We always talked at get-togethers but life drifted us apart. We reconnected at that same friend’s birthday almost 5 years ago and we haven’t laid eyes off of each other since.


LS: What made you decide on the beautiful Liuna Station for your special day?

JS: Liuna Station is such a beautiful and historic building. We fell in love with it right when we saw it. It is perfect for photos and the inside is stunning with its beautiful architectural details.

LS: What was the most challenging aspect of planning your wedding?

JS: Trying to visualize it all and hoping it would come together perfectly. In the end it always does and the small things don’t matter at all.

LS: We know that planning a wedding can be stressful! What role did Liuna Station play in alleviating your pre-wedding worries?

JS: They were amazing from the first moment we talked to them. They provided us with everything that we needed to know and they kept in contact with us through out the entire planning process. We felt like we were in great hands and it was one giant thing to take off of the list of things to worry about.


LS: Describe the quality of service you received at Liuna Station.

JS: They were on it and very organized. We had an amazing wedding coordinator who helped guide us at the rehearsal and for the day-of. She made sure everything went perfectly and smoothly. We couldn’t have done it without her.

LS: Looking back, what would you say is your favourite memory of your special day?

JS: Seeing my husband for the first time! Just the look in his eyes made the months of planning and organizing worth it.

LS: What is something you know now that you wish you’d known when you were in the process of planning your wedding?

JS: Have faith in your decisions. Throughout the planning we found ourselves second guessing on some of our choices like flowers and colour schemes. We found that going with your gut feeling and having confidence in your decisions will alleviate a lot of stress.

LS: What advice do you have for couples that are in the process of planning their wedding?

JS: Take your time and be true to yourself. This is about you and your partner and wanting everyone to come share your love with them. Always listen to your partner and never dismiss their ideas. This is about you both. Finally, have fun with everything! It’s a crazy ride, but with your partner beside you, you can conquer it all together.

We’d like to thank Jacqueline for sharing her Happily Ever After with us.

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