We recently caught up with bride Erin Voth who celebrated her wedding to her now husband Justin, with us at LIUNA Station on January 27, 2018. Our mini interview with Erin discusses her experience at LIUNA Station, her favourite moment of their big day, and why she would recommend our venue to couples looking for a spot to say I Do in the GTHA!

28165023_10156188529098288_5723292794341767156_oLS: Tell us a little bit about your love story?
EV: Justin and I met back in October of 2013. We both work in PR in Toronto, and had moved to the same agency within a few months of each other. We started to get to know each other as colleagues, and when Justin left the agency in 2014, we only rarely kept in touch.
Flash forward a few months to early 2015. Our mutual close friend was back in town from London, and a group of us got together to go ax throwing at BATL Axe. After that, Justin and I began talking more regularly, and I invited him to my birthday a few weeks later. He came along with a group of friends, and throughout the night, we talked more and more. Little did I know that he’d brought his friends as back-up in case I wasn’t interested romantically. Although at first nervous to wreck the friendship, I agreed to a date and now here we are, married with a condo and the cutest little beagle!

LS: There are so many wedding and event venues out there – what made LIUNA Station stand out among the rest?
EV: We were looking for a venue that could fit all our needs. Good food, the right distance between our two hometowns of St. Catharines and Mississauga, close to hotels and transit. However, it was the beauty of the venue that struck me when we first visited. I automatically saw my winter wedding vision come to life in the space, and it worked out perfectly.

LS: We are known for setting a picturesque backdrop for all kinds of events – we are also known for our FOOD!  Would you please describe the meal that was served on your wedding day?
EV: The pasta is the pasta of my dreams! We had the antipasto station, crespelle, steak/chicken/veg choice, salad and tiramisu. The late night pizza and poutine was also amazing. But again – the pasta!!

LS: Drooling

LS: Looking back, what would you say is your favourite memory from your special day?
EV: Walking down the aisle and seeing Justin waiting for me. I never thought I’d cry, but in that moment – surrounded by friends and family, I’ve never felt happier, more loved or blessed.


LS: Would you recommend LIUNA Station to a friend for his or her next event? If so, why?
EV: I already have! Aside from the beautiful venue, and great food, the service both before and during our wedding was impeccable. I never struggled to get a helpful response during the planning stages, and the night of, was taken care of expertly. I’ve had many friends struggle working with venues, and I’m thankful I didn’t have that to worry about.

LS: Thank you, it truly takes a team effort when coordinating a wedding!

LS: What advice do you have for couples before their big day?
EV: Leading up to the wedding, you will stress and you will fight. Take time to spend time together and not talk about wedding planning. When it comes to dealing with family and friends input, decide where you’re willing to compromise and where you aren’t. You’ll have to budge somewhere – it’s inevitable! Be kind even through your stress and remember that people care. Most of all, on your big day, set aside time for you and your partner to be alone together and enjoy being newlyweds. So many of my friends mentioned that they realized at the end of their wedding day, they hadn’t even talked to their spouse, even though they’d been together all day. Justin and I drove from the ceremony to the picture spot for 30 uninterrupted minutes where we could just be together and be happy – no other people around.


Thank you to Erin and Justin vendors!

We’d like to thank Erin and Justin for sharing their love story and experience tying the knot at LIUNA Station. Stay tuned for weekly blog updates and make sure to connect with LIUNA Station on Instagram and Facebook as we deliver fresh, new content to inspire, excite and assist as you plan your dream event. While you’re at it, head over to LIUNA Gardens blog to check out Heather’s experience capturing a three day wedding.