Food Stations


Whether it be a taco bar or a crepe station, these simple set ups allow couples to make their weddings unique with their own favourite foods. Depending on preference, the stations could be offered with appetizers, after the meal, or towards the end of the evening. Another option is to forgo the traditional three course meal, and have a large antipasto bar set up with a multitude of different foods, which would replace the appetizer and first plate.


Take advantage of social media. Give your guests a hashtag to use in any pictures they upload. When the night is over you will have a collection of different shots from all different guests.


Give your wedding a magical touch with delicate lighting. Small white string lights give both indoor and outdoor weddings a gentle light source while adding to the ambiance. Personalize you wedding outside with lanterns or torches. Space heaters, especially gas ones, give outdoor weddings a warm and bright blow for the evening.


 Naked Cakes

They may be naked but they are totally safe for your wedding! While the lavish frosted and fondant cakes will always be popular, we are seeing a rising trend for the simple unfrosted cake. Simple DOES NOT mean plain. Decking out cakes in berries, stuffed with cream and varying in flavour gives them a visually appealing but edible look that will leave you craving to actually eat your cake.


Photobooths frames-wedding

Change up the usual photobooth with the typical props. Personalize your pops or setting to go with your theme and style. Outdoor photobooths are easy and fun to make by hanging old picture frames or cut outs from trees.

 Era Weddings

For the lovers of all things vintage, give your wedding more than just a colour theme – pick a decade! From Victorian to the Roaring Twenties, keep the decor, setting, and attire to your era. This includes invitations, and invite guests to dress in theme as well.

 Adjustable Dresses 10425473_952957434718542_6879619324346068599_n

For those brides who want the versatility and the option to shed the train or large skirt, dresses with adjustable features, or even detachable parts, give brides the chance change their look during the reception, leaving them more free to dance or do as they please.

 Coloured Groom Suits 

Breaking away from the always classy groom in black, more men are choosing to go their own route in different shades of grey, blue, brown, and even unique colours such as forest green. Depending on your theme and setting, don’t be afraid to change it up and let the grooms style shine through.


Photo Credits:

Antipasto Bar – Liuna Station

Dress – The Wedding Scoop

Frames – Robins Wood House Seattle Wedding