A good Wedding Photographer is a worthy investment but can be hard to choose.
It is important that the Photographer you choose is reliable, professional, a problem-solver and has experience shooting weddings and engagements. It is also important for you to discuss what kind of couple you are, what you like and what style you want your pictures to be shot in. If you have a particular photo style or shot that you would like, bring examples! Prepare a shot list before your big day so that the photographer can ensure that they collect all those special moments. It is also a good idea to have that photographer shoot your engagement shots to see if you like the results.
As a wedding venue, we highly recommend asking your photographer if they are familiar with Liuna Gardens or if they have shot here before. Remember that each venue is different and the photographer may have to bring special equipment with them. For example, here at Liuna Gardens many couples choose to do waterfront photography during and after the ceremony, as well as shots in our gardens or at sunset by the water. If you choose to have fireworks later in the evening, remind the photographer that they might need lighting or special lens to capture some sparkler photography or firework shots. It is totally acceptable to ask the photographer if they are able to come do a site tour with you if they are not familiar with the space.
We always recommend investing in a good photographer or going with a professional. You will be sharing those photos with your family and they will be around for a long time. Some great local Hamilton, Ontario talent for engagement, wedding and wedding related photography include: Serena Swan Photography, AMV Productions Photography & Videography, and Reed Photography. They are all fantastic and work with a 2-person or more team. If you are looking for Wedding Boudoir Photos, Melissa Kelly Boudoir Photography is exceptional!
Not sure who to go with? Here are some questions you should consider asking when looking for the right wedding photographer: questions to ask your wedding photographer