Are you an employer or business owner? You should definitely look into treating your employees or clients sometime this year! On top of just having a great time together, there are many positive effects of hosting a company party or staff appreciation event. Here are just a few reasons why you should!

  • Recognition and Appreciation. There is nothing more heartwarming than hearing appreciationyour hard work is respected and appreciated. Recognition does wonders for productivity and the work environment of a company.
  • Respect Workers that feel respected and treated well are more likely to go out of their way or do their best for their employers. This also limits negative conversation about work environment.
  • Team Building – Parties allow for more open conversations. You may discover commonalities between you and your coworkers you didn’t know before since you can talk more candidly. Enjoying a good meal, laughter and personal stories boosts the mood and makes everyone happier and stronger. It brings a connection that you may not necessarily get in the office.
  • Networking & Great for Getting to know New Employees Events let management see their employees on a more personal level. People are usually a little more relaxed (the alcohol probably helps haha!) at parties and it is a great time to get to have a casual chat. It may be the only chance you get to have a candid or intimate conversation with top management, your boss or another department. It also allows for demonstration of ideas, positive attitudes, interpersonal skills and other great leadership qualities.
  • Loyalty & Community Did you know that Business owners who spend time corporatewith their employees, listen to their needs or concerns and provide proper leadership and recognition set a good foundation for loyalty? Employees that feel their jobs have meaning and importance to someone will perform with passion.
  • Health and Wellness. This may double as a date night out for parents, or the perfect night out for someone who could really use a break. This is a great chance for you to get fancy, dress up, get out of the house, breathe fresh air, relax, enjoy a delicious multi-course meal (that you didn’t have to cook!) drink fantastic cocktails and dance the night away. Dancing is a great stress reliever and does wonders for soul!
  • Fun! We spend A LOT of time in the office or at work. Life is about BALANCE. Celebrate your progress or achievements. Give your event a theme or make it a
    holiday party. Let us make you some specialty drinks tailored to your theme or
    business colours. Make fun favours or recognition awards. Make it a fundraiser for a great cause. Get everyone to dress up or dress to the theme. Whatever you choose just HAVE FUN, RELAX & ENJOY!