Summer weddings create for a dream like ambiance and atmosphere. Warm evenings with a gentle breeze, the late setting sun, and fresh feelings in the air all make for the ideal setting for the perfect day. However, ideal conditions do not always prevail. How can one ensure their outdoor wedding is just as they dreamed, regardless of any surprises or obstacles? Here are some tips to help couples, their parties, and all their guests enjoy themselves completely, even when dealing with not the most comfortable of conditions.
While summer is the most popular time to get married, it is also the season of heat, humidity, and bugs. Rather than let these situations deter a couple, easy and simple solutions can allow them to rise above and host an extraordinary event.
Come Well-Stocked 
Providing guests with individual bug repellent, sunscreen, or mist bottles helps with heat and pests. Having either a table set up where items are offered (a “Relief Station”), or arranging items in a small bundle and putting them at each plate both prepare your guests and provide easy accessibility when relief it needed.
Water Your Guests
Hydration stations of pottery barneither bottles or dispensers are imperative to avoid dehydration. These are easy to make artful; having a few tables of glass dispensers with various beverages and fruits inside add to the decor of a wedding.
Keep Them Comfy
Cushions on chairs or benches for ceremony and reception are important if chairs are not comfortable.
Keep Them Cozy
Setting up baskets with blankets and shawls to offer, helps the transition from hot day to cool summer nights.
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Convenient Cool Off

                  Adding a Popsicle stick to a wedding program is an easy way to turn it into a fan to cool off.

No Melting = No Meltdowns  

While one does not necessarily need to avoid serving cheeses, creams, or food that is not ideal for hot weather, it is important to ensure food susceptible to going bad is not left in heat for too long (especially wedding cakes!) In addition, make sure food is in a shaded area and that its being covered to avoid any pests.


Keep It Classy, Not Grassy
Standing and walking on grass in pointy heels is destined for ruined shoes or tripping. Ensure there is a stable area to walk, and that the wedding party is also not standing directly on grass or an uneven spot during the ceremony.

Make It Fun!

Finally, take advantage of being outdoors and make use of your space. Outdoor photo booth set ups, an activity area for kids to play, or fireworks are all are simple ways of how to make your wedding day spectacular.

 Photo Credits:
Water dispensers: Pottery Barn
Programs: Project Wedding
Outdoor Wedding: Liuna Gardens