In honour of Valentine’s Day, we surveyed our staff and asked them to give us their best marriage/relationship advice. So whether you are in a new relationship or already one of our past, present or future brides, we are sure that all of you will be able to take a few suggestions with you!

  1. There will be days when you feel that loving your partner is almost just as impossible as liking them!! For example he left the seat up, she didn’t empty the dishwasher or you forgot to kiss her goodnight! It is in those moments that you need to love your partner more than before. Once you have entertained the feeling unloving feelings, it is very hard to shake them off again.
  2. If you are married, do not under estimate the importance of DATE NIGHT!!! You still need to show your partner that they are very important to you. If you use your kids as an excuse for not going on date, one day when you are empty nesters, you will realize you are living with a stranger. Invest time in your marriage like you did when you were dating!
  3. Laugh! And Laugh often! Laughter is the music of love in a marriage. There will be times when hardship enters your life, always trying to find a reason to laugh is the secret to a happy marriage! When you are in public and your partner tells a joke that isn’t funny! YOU BETTER LAUGH!!! 😉
  4. Always wear your wedding ring. (unless of course it is dangerous to your work safety) It will always remind you of the promise you made to your partner and that amazing feeling that you had when she screamed “YES” and you both Whispered “I DO”. It also tells the world you are off limits!
  5. This is a phrase always said but rarely followed!! NEVER go to bed angry with your partner. Stay up as long as it takes to sort out the issues. If you feel that those issues cannot be sorted before bed, still kiss each other goodnight and sleep on it. The following day order Chinese and talk about it again. Sometimes, sleep and time can change your standpoint and help you find a compromise.

Well these are what our LIUNA Station Staff would like for you to know to have more Valentine’s Day shared with your sweetheart. Checkout what Liuna Gardens had to say about marriage in their blog.