We are only a few days away from Valentine’s Day. Is the stress to get your Valentine the perfect gift keeping you up at night?  Has she told you that she doesn’t want flowers this year, making you sweat?
Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate that one special relationship in your life.
Remember when we were little, how simple Valentine’s day was, with homemade cards and small thoughtful gifts. Who said that because we are older we need to buy the big and expensive gifts? Sometime it is still the small and thoughtful gifts that are the most memorable.
Here are some last minute and still thoughtful gifts to make your Valentine’s Day special and memorable
Special Love Letter:
Write a small note to her about the day you meet, how you felt, how you knew she was the one for you. Seal it and leave for her to find in the morning.
Make a song list representing your relationship:
If you are married, make up a playlist of all the songs on your wedding video. If you are not married or are still waiting for your video, make a playlist of the songs that remind you of him/her. Dance to these songs in your family room.
Buy their favourite bottle of wine and cook them their favourite dinner:
While your partner is sipping their favourite bottle of wine, they can watch you make their favourite dinner. Cooking for your partner is so special for two reasons, the stomach is the quickest way to the heart and if your partner is always the one who cooks, it is a nice change for them to not have to cook.
Spend some time Outdoors:
Now I am not saying that you should ask your partner to shovel the snow as their Valentine’s Day gift. But going for a hike or partaking in a winter activity together is always a lot of fun. Go tobogganing, skiing or skating and then grab a hot chocolate.
Remember the best gift you can give a person is your unconditional love. So whatever you do decide to do this weekend to express to them how much they mean to you, remember that it isn’t the amount of money you spend – but the thought that you put into it!!
Happy Valentine’s Day – You crazy LOVEBIRDS