The final details appointment is all about the details.  This appointment is the time you verify the menu, bar and any special details you have planned for your wedding day.  It is important for us at Liuna Station to know more than just the food.  Good food involves the timing of service and if you have something planned that the venue does not know about, it could mean your filet will be served well done instead of medium rare.

    That being said have a plan with a list of things you would like to have; Formal Receiving Line, Grand Entrance, first dance (before or after dinner), ceremonial cake cutting, toast, opening remarks, speeches (before, after or during dinner), grace and or entertainment.  Once you have these key elements decided upon the time line will fall into place.  If you have a wedding planner they will often develop this for you, but the Liuna team will gladly assist you with the schedule.  Ensure your time line is not so strict that when hiccups arise the schedule cannot be altered. The agenda is to be used as a guide line only.  Consider your agenda a table of contents for all your vendors to create the story of your wedding day!
    Once the timeline is in place we can confirm the menu and bar portion of evening.  Initially when you booked with Liuna Station a menu was generated, this is the time to revaluate the menu.  Do you still like the menu you chose, does it need to be altered because you experienced something at the Valentines Taste Testing evening you would love to incorporate or did you budget so carefully that you have a little extra to add upgraded linen or a fun new station for the late night buffet.
    After the bar and menu details are confirmed you will be able to select the linen and chair covers for the wedding or let us know what décor items you have selected from other vendors.  We will also help you design the floor plan to fit your guest and décor requirements.  Some things to consider for the floor plan are how many guests are you inviting, is there any entertainment, what is the  size of your head table and do you have a cake. The floor plan you create with your Event Sales Coordinator at the final details meeting will be given to you take home so you can start your seating chart as your replies come pouring in.

Although the final details is only one appointment your Event Sales Coordinator and the Liuna Station Team will work with you during the entire planning process of your wedding to help ease your stress.