We might look like just a wedding and event venue to most people, but our team here at Liuna Station are passionate about all things wedding and event related and are always on the lookout for new creative wedding trends, ideas and vendors.

Recently we have noticed tons of clients raving about Boudoir Photography and Photoshoots which are making a trendy comeback. What a fun sassy idea for those Brides, Grooms or Couples wanting to try something different or add some spice to their special day! Photographers are shaking things up by expanding their traditional services to include popular client requests such as summer beach shots, glam photos, sultry silhouettes & vintage pin-up makeovers to produce tastefully risqué shots.

There are many different things you can express within your boudoir portraits! You can dress up in full sexy lingerie; You can have the romantic feel of rolling around in the morning bed sheets; Sometimes you just love laying around in that big soft sweater, and that subtly and softness can produce the best boudoir photos. You don’t have to do traditional shots either!

If serious lingerie shots aren’t your cup of tea, make it personal, funny and creative! The most importantboidoir thing is confidence and letting your photos reflect you. Use your qualities and favorite things in your pictures such as your favorite team, colour, season, a dress shirt and heels, work uniform – the possibilities are endless! Either of you a firefighter? Play with that theme in a photoshoot. Perhaps your wife or yourself are master chefs, foodies or baking aficionados? Toss an apron on capture some shots while you bake up a storm in the kitchen! (Bonus points if you actually gift them what you baked as well as the photos – just saying!). If you aren’t comfortable taking photos baring everything or showing too much skin or feel awkward doing super-sexy photos – you don’t have to! Make them fun by playing into an inside joke or special fandom your partner might like:  superhero shirts are always a good idea.

The photos or albums make a great-morning-of-your-wedding gift but are also a fun idea melissakellyfor Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Anniversaries!  If you have been looking to step outside of your comfort zone try a photoshoot or a couple’s photo session!

If you are looking for a nearby professional, trustworthy photographer – may we introduce Melissa Kelly Boudoir. She is a local Hamilton Photographer who specializes in tasteful, glamourous, and super creative boudoir shots! We met Melissa at a Bridal Show here in Hamilton a couple years ago and have clients raving about her photo-sessions! She will make you feel super comfortable, confident and you’ll wind up with some dazzling shots! Here is a link to her website: http://www.melissakellyboudoirphotographer.com/

Have fun!