Pinterest and the Internet are great for ideas and crafts for your wedding, but if you are making a dozen things can be frustrating, time consuming and not nearly as cost-effective as you might think once you consider the costs of materials. Additionally, if it doesn’t come out the way you like, then know that you might have to try again, redo or re-think what your original plan was. You are always free to run ideas by us and we can make suggestions or recommendations to what we think will work nicely.

Our biggest advice: Leave the big stuff for the professionals.  We have seen some unfortunate DIY projects or mishaps. Here at Liuna Station we will help design a floor plan, compliment your colour palette and create a menu your guests will salivate over! We will take care of the big details for you on our end. For your smaller projects be honest about your skill set. Before taking on a costly Do It Yourself Wedding project, consider the consequences should it not go the way you want it to. Gere is some advice to consider:

  • Creating things yourself is great, but comes with the cost of your time. Start once you have booked your venue and are familiar with the space. If you start beforehand, things might not match or be as you imagine. Visit your venue and see how you’re the items look in the space.
  • Be realistic about how many people you are making stuff for. If you are decorating per person or making bonbons: 150 person wedding and a 400 person wedding are two different battles.
  • DIY might not be as cheap as you think. The costs of materials and supplies can be pricey and can quickly add up. Not to mention, you might not ever use them again. Consider borrowing supplies and wholesale for materials. Consider repurposing or cutting out unnecessary “traditional wedding” things that you don’t feel strongly about.
  • Be honest about your skillset. I know it sounds funny, but the easiest things can be the most difficult. Don’t believe me. Google, “Pinterest fails.” …you’re welcome.
  • Don’t expect your bridesmaids/groomsmen to do everything for you. This is where stress can build. We’ve seen it. They might not have the skillset to make their own bridesmaid dresses from scratch. Be realistic of what you are asking from people, remember that they have jobs, families, lives, or even other weddings outside of your wedding.
  • Have realistic expectations. We all have a vision that we are trying to achieve when it comes to your wedding. You might not know the best way to go about doing something, ask us! We’ve been doing this for YEARS. We’ve seen the stress that families can go through with weddings and the small details that can divide a bridal party and lifelong friends.
  • Stick to your budget and have a budget. Have an emergency fund incase something doesn’t turn out the way you would like it to.
  • Ask your venue what they have for décor. I know here at LIUNA we have a bunch of centrepieces in stock. Then you can just add what you like to them, that way you are not stuck with 100 vases after your wedding.
  • Ask your venue if there are any restrictions for projects you can do – some venues don’t allow flower petals, balloons or confetti. Call and ask!
  • Don’t expect people to know what you want. As a bride, you do get to tell people what you desire for your special day, but please be nice about it. Stress can make us short with friends and family. Remember that everyone is going to be helping you but manners go a long way! The last thing you want is a family argument before the big day!

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Good luck with your DIY Projects!