Just in case we needed another reason to eat chocolate. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! But really we think of chocolate year round at LIUNA Station… chocolate truffles, chocolate fountains, chocolate mousse, caramel chocolate ice cream clusters, chocolate ice cream crepes, pastries, cookies and tortes are only a few of the sweets we offer here.  With numerous articles assuring us of the health benefits of chocolate it’s easier and easier to forget about that New Year’s resolution and enjoy. We might even have a ‘secret’ chocolate stash in our office! Shhhhh!

We are lucky here as well to have to some amazing shops locally on James Street as well as vendors stopping by with goodies for us to taste test! Some of my favourites include:

Hottie Biscotti– Their newest location being on James St N. Opened up in the fall and has been an office favourite here at LIUNA Station ever since! They not only serve amazing biscotti but also these amazing pretzels! They are sweet, salty, crunchy, coated in chocolate or toffee! They offer a variety of biscotti flavors.  The best part is the amazing balance of the biscotti, soft but not too soft! They do gift baskets and individual wrapped items for showers, corporate favors which turn out really cute.

Chocolat on James– Located in a brand new building just south this shop is so much fun. They sell a variety of truffles, fudge and other chocolate delectables. The place smells amazing, you can enjoy a coffee while you browse as a pairing with your sweet treat and  in case you had any reservations they just wrote a blog of 11 reasons why chocolate is good for your health! Check them out!

Cake and Loaf Bakery -located on Dundurn street south is one of our wedding cake vendors we see often here at LIUNA Station.  Dedicated to using local ingredients and making everything from scratch this is an amazing bakery featuring all kinds of seasonal cakes, sweets, muffins and cookies as well at hot lunches and salads. Most recently I saw the cutest Valentine’s Day gift ideas in pre-packed items to give to your loved ones. Heart shaped sugar cookies that say things like “We go together like… Han and Leia, Netflix and sweatpants, tacos and tequila” along with smooch Belgians, cinnamon heart bars, toffee Hearts are some cute options. PSThey also have some vegan options available including cakes! But they sell out quick so be sure to call your order ahead.

So this Valentine’s day shop local and go ahead and eat that second piece of chocolate!

It’s good for you!

Sweetly yours,
LIUNA Station