Practice. Practice. Practice. Don’t skip the Wedding Rehearsal!
When it comes to your wedding there are a couple things you should practice beforehand either with your partner or with your entire Bridal Party! Because – let’s be honest – practice makes perfect!
The Ceremony: Rehearse the Wedding Processional and Recessional.
If you book a rehearsal here at Liuna Gardens we will help you walk through your ceremony and provide you with tips and suggestions. When we know what you are envisioning for your special day we can prepare better in case anything should go astray. Our event supervisors will ensure that everything is on time and stress free.gardensrunway
Make sure you rehearse: When certain music should play, when the officiant should begin, who enters and when, walking in the shoes you will be walking in, and exiting and in what order. Make sure you let your officiant know what announcements they should be making and when (ie. phones off, where guests should go while the couple takes photos etc.). Our event supervisor can help answer all the questions you may have about your ceremony.
REMEMBER: Liuna Gardens is a waterfront venue. A lot of couples here at Liuna Gardens choose to do a waterfront outdoor ceremony. Having a rehearsal outside lets you see how to deal with any issues you may have: wind, how loud the music needs to be, whether you are comfortable in your shoes, etc.
The Kiss:  We’re not saying you have to make huge spectacle of it – unless you want to of course – but if you are nervous about doing this in front of your family, maybe practice beforehand. Also: If you are going to dip your Bride, let her know… (Don’t ask, just trust us on this)
The Ballroom Entrance: A lot of couples forget to rehearse this one. What usually winds up happening is everyone gathers and tries to figure it out on the spot. Save yourself a lot of stress and just practice it beforehand. Have a list of the order that everyone is going in and follow it. Also remember to not switch it up last minute – especially if you have a DJ announcing your family  members. Our tip: Get an entertaining family member to announce the names – they will nail the pronounciation and can make adjustments in case you forget your order!
The Send Off: If you are going to do a fun send off – sparklers or fireworks or anything – let your bridal party know where to stand and when so that when it is announced guests can follow the Bridal party’s lead. For example: Have the bridal party stand in two rows to make a laneway for the couple to exit, guests will follow suit. This makes it easier for the photographer to grab some amazing send-off photos too!
Whatever you do – whether you book your wedding rehearsal with Liuna Gardens, or create a mock ceremony at home, in your backyard, or in a park, don’t skip the rehearsal. You will save yourself plenty of stress and worry on the day!
Best of Luck! Liuna Gardens