Ruffles Comfort and Friendships | LiUNA Dives Into All Things PROM!!

We love sharing our historic rooms with inspiring minds of the new generation. We love the creativity and high energy vibes that the youth of our community brings with them on prom night! It is so refreshing to see and be a part of – with prom décor, shoes and attire dancing in our heads we thought we’d take a look at some of 2023’s Prom seasons trends!

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With inspo from our prom guardian angels Seventeen (, you can’t go wrong! A recent article of theirs suggests that “Airy styles like lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer are on the rise for 2023, which translates perfectly into a prom look,” Marta Topran, Fashion and Beauty Creator Lead at Pinterest, tells Seventeen. “For those not so interested in femme styles, fringe and vintage 90s will be influencing prom season looks, too — there’s something for everyone this year!”

Pro-Stylist and Content Creator Jules Wettreich adds that the “light, chic, and comfortable” nature of textures like ruffles and chiffon will become more popular in the 2023 prom season.

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And guys we are leaving the unpolished, casual look behind and heading into a more fit, styled and detailed look! Seventeen has you covered with all the options from crushed velvet, classic prints or vibrant colours! 

Photo credit: Seventeen


There have been so many copy and paste themes over the years so when we read about some of these super unique ideas from Holiday Keepers ( we couldn’t help but spread the word – from ‘Around the World in 90 Days’ to ‘Tis Disco time’ or ‘Starry Nights, Dreamy Vibes’ you can’t go wrong and the list doesn’t stop there with so many more creative ideas they will get your wheels spinning and Pinteresting!

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With one of a favourite occasions quickly approaching we can not wait to see what our young creative community will decorate our ballrooms with this year!  If you are still in search of a location give us a call at (905) 525-2410!

We cannot wait to celebrate YOU!

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