It comes and goes so fast, starting as a freshman and thinking ‘I can’t wait to be a senior’ to being a senior and realizing you can go, do and be all the things you have been fantasizing about over the past four years.  It’s a whirlwind of emotions and experiences, friends, parties, education and it’s applying with anticipation and receiving those acceptance letters to your top Colleges and Universities. Then at the end for a tiny moment, before you take on the world, your family throws you a beautiful party! You are surrounded by loved ones and goodies to celebrate, with excitement and support. Check out a few of our favourite things we saw your families do to help make your day a little extra special!

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Party Décor – This year, like most, large foil balloon bouquets are a must! Whether spelling your name or noting the year 2018, this is a very popular choice and one that never goes out of style.  There are also various forms of flowers as bouquets or centerpieces, that you can get either in your favourite colour, or in traditional school branded colours. We LOVE handmade wood signs and chalkboards with “CONGRATULATIONS” written in big bold capital letters.  Some people opted for a memory wall showing your adorable life stages, and others had little cards put out for your peers and elders to write on and drop in a bowl with ‘words of wisdom’ or their loving wishes for your future ahead.

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Food – Many like keeping it light and fresh with a plethora of snacks, appetizers along with a candy bar, or a new trendy donut bar! These beautiful spreads can accommodate numbers easily, fit outside or in, and can roll with the weather.  Some new trends are food trucks for super easy and convenient meals, you can just have a cool little truck pull up outside serving you Mexican, Italian, Asian cuisine – and the list goes on! And oh, don’t forget about the amazing sweets, because everyone loves cupcakes!  

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Gifts – Gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants and big-box retailers are always big, but there are also frying pans, dish sets and vacuums (things you’ll need when you move out on your own), and some fun things like board or card games to play with your future roomies!

However you decided to celebrate your graduation, the one thing we hope you will walk away with, and always remember is how loved you truly are.  

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”—B.B. King

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