With the New Year approaching, we decided to look back and reminisce on the top event trends of 2017. At Liuna Gardens we have the pleasure of hosting many social events for our amazing clients. From birthday parties to wedding functions, we work together with our clients, vendors and staff to create memorable events.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane to highlight social event trends of 2017:
Custom personalized niche events have been a hit! We have put together many intimate events with smaller niche audiences, that provides an intimate setting to celebrate special milestones. Check out the glamorous display that Fine Sweets, Happily Ever After Décor and Paper & Talula put together for our clients 40th birthday party. As Planning Pod states, niche events are the new black, read more of The 8 Biggest Event Trends for 2017.

Experiential moments go hand in hand with niche events. From interactive food and beverage displays, to personalized lounges for guests to interact and build lasting memories. Providing a thoughtful experience to your social event will add a creative flare, and a lasting impression.  
Leisure activities have been built into client event agenda’s to make guests social and recharged. At Liuna Gardens, you can enjoy walking around our stunning and seemingly endless gardens, with the soft soothing waves as a perfect backdrop to get Zen.

Providing social engagement before, during and after a special event via social media channels is a must. In our technologically driven society, integrate your guest’s cellphones as a tool to be used for live streaming and digital engagement. The Mice Blog highlights, that more people will use live streaming to engage with their audience. Adding multiple interactive social elements will increase your events visibility and awareness online.
Learn more social event trends of 2017 from BizBash’s blog, highlighting fellow event expert’s thoughts. And be sure to head over to our sister blog Liuna Station to learn the corporate event trends of 2017.
By the way, in case we didn’t mention, we would love to host your 2018 social event! Get in touch today to book a site visit!
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From all of us at Liuna Gardens, thank you for following along!