They say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ so on your wedding day the talent and vibe of your photographer are essential to create epic shots of your special day!  A pre-consultation is key to snapping the images you and your hubby will adore. Today, on the blog, we have listed some tips and tricks to navigate through the crazy process of finding that one-of-a-kind photographer as well as some photo inspiration to help create dreamy magical shots to show off for years to come.

Pre-Consult Checklist for Ceremony:

  • Confirm availability along with package and pricing (don’t hesitate to meet with a few different photographers to compare cost, artistry, videography, postproduction, etc. to find that harmonious pairing).  
  • Confirm the nitty-gritty such as contract info, financials, refund/cancellation and insurance.  Find out how many photographers will be on site and who your shooters will be (and if something goes awry with the shooter or equipment there will be a backup plan).
  • Make sure to bring lots of images to your meet and greet (pre-ceremony, pairings, special moments, etc.) for inspiration and to show the style that you are going after so that you can eliminate that after wedding mishap of,‘oh, I wish I took a picture of this (or that).’

Unique Ideas to Capture your Love Story:

  • Drones a dramatic aerial view of your LIUNA venue could show off your day effortlessly and be the picture-perfect reminder of just how many people love and support you.
  • Smoke Bombs can create a fun and dramatic look with single or multiple colours used – it’s sure to make an impact.
  • “No pictures, please!”  Unplug and ask guests to leave their phones at home, this will produce more natural pics and an intimate atmosphere.
  • Greenery; from arches to bouquets an amazing florist can distinctly set your wedding day photos apart from the masses.

Whatever you choose to set your day apart remember the most memorable part is you and to have fun with your photographer!
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