It’s no secret that yes, Liuna Gardens is beautiful and yes, Liuna Gardens hosts fabulous events…but there’s a whole lot more to us than first meets the eye! Continue reading to catch an inside look at Liuna Gardens and discover some fun facts that make our unique venue one of a kind!

1. A Little Slice of History

What is now recognized as Liuna Gardens, was once the settling place of John Willson, a dominant politician of the early 19th century. A plaque now stands on the property of Liuna Gardens that describes Willson as “a passionate advocate of religious and civil liberties and an ardent spokesman for farmers.” He is said to be one of the most important men in the history of the Head-of-the-Lake. Willson built a large residence known as the Winona Park Hotel, which eventually became Club El Morroco and then of course the beautiful Liuna Gardens of today.

2. Apartment for Rent

Where you now find the Liuna Gardens offices and the Grand VIP Suite, at one time housed several apartments for the staff of Club El Morocco. The staff of Liuna Gardens are still working hard in that same space – but they prefer to head home to rest their heads!

3. When in Rome

When you hear the word “catacombs” you might think of ancient Rome or perhaps the underground ossuaries in Paris, but right here in Stoney Creek, catacombs can be found in the  basement of the Liuna Gardens.

4. Making a Grand Entrance

Liuna Gardens has had a lot of very memorable guests come through our doors and they continue to impress us with their creativity. We’ve had a bride trot down the garden path to her lakeside wedding ceremony on horseback and we’ve even had a daring groom arrive by helicopter. Now that’s what we call a grand entrance!

5. Playing Politics

You never know who will make an appearance at Liuna Gardens. We were once honored to host an event with former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien!

6. A Space for Everyone

Liuna Gardens is versatile. We may be best known for our weddings and corporate events, but we’ve actually hosted many unique functions including a performance by the Chippendales and a Casino Night Fundraiser. Boasting 12 gorgeous acres, the sky is the limit at Liuna Gardens! Whether you’re planning a corporate event, the wedding of your dreams or have something completely different in mind, we’re here to help make it happen.

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