Can you believe it’s already the middle of August?! The summer has been flying by, but here at Liuna Station we’ve definitely been soaking up all of the love and memorable events taking place at our venue weekly. No matter the season, our goal is always to provide our guests with first class service, five star dining and a beautifully unique experience. With that being said, we are always working to grow, improve, and raise the bar of excellence at every opportunity. We love hearing from our guests and we want you to know that we are listening! We thought it would be great to share some feedback that we have received from guests who have taken part in events at Liuna Station and encourage you to reach out to us or leave a review on our Facebook page. Check out what our guests have been saying about Liuna Station below.

Mouthwatering Meals!

I wanted to thank you for all of your attention to detail for my daughter’s wedding. My guests are still talking about it saying it was one of the best weddings they ever attended. As you promised, the food was amazing, the service from all your staff was superb, and the venue exceeded my expectations.
We had substituted a charcuterie board buffet for the antipasto bar due to allergies – it was awesome! My guests are still talking about it and especially the lamb chops. The dinner was better than that we had sampled at the tasting and the midnight buffet was a hit! The service staff were so attentive that our guests commented! – and how often does that happen?
-Susan Malenica


A Lasting Impression

Have been having the absolute pleasure of working with Vico and the rest of the amazing staff at Liuna Station in planning my upcoming wedding as well as my recent bridal shower! I do not have the words to begin to describe how amazing the service, food and atmosphere is at Liuna Station. I had my bridal shower in the King George and it was more beautiful then I could have imagined! The food was phenomenal and my guests were raving about it for days! Wth the amazing service I have already received, I know that my wedding will be amazing. Vico is such a pleasure to work with, he could answer any and all of my questions as well as making sure I was happy with every final decision that I have had to make for both the wedding and bridal shower! I can’t wait for my upcoming wedding which will be held in the Grand Central Ballroom and having the pleasure of working with the amazing staff at Liuna Station once again!
-Marina Matias

Worth the Drive!

Hosted my wedding reception in the Grand Ballroom a few years ago and I’m still getting compliments today on how amazing the food, service, and venue was. Both my family and wife’s family are located primarily in Vaughan (appox.1hr drive) and we decided to host our event in Hamilton at the beautiful Liuna Station. I’ve been in the wedding industry for 20 plus years and been a part of over 1000 weddings. With this large sample of venues at my disposal, Liuna Station stood out amongst all other venues when I made the important decision on where to host the wedding. In both my personal and professional opinion, Liuna Station is one of the BEST venues in ONTARIO!!! Special mention goes out to the entire office/management/operations staff – Vico, Josie, Nicole, Patty, Miranda, Sue, Kaitlan, Claudio, and the rest of them for being extra helpful and always professional.
-Marco Gismondi

Beautiful History

Jaw dropping beautiful! We took pictures of great grandchildren whose great grandfather arrived in Canada at the very same Station.
-Raymonde Masson


Impressing the Locals

Quite the deal. I grew [up] in east Hamilton and would not have thought a building like this existed downtown anymore. Parking was free around back. Place was clean, great acoustics and the staff was very professional.
-Dr. Steve Knighton


Our wedding was held at Liuna and we had an excellent experience. We used the King George Ballroom and the night was magical. Most of our guests described it as the best wedding they had ever been to. The food was better than most fine dining establishments and the service was incredible. Anything we needed to make us happy was taken care of, they were quick to make suggestions that made the whole day run smoothly. The only thing I wish I understood better was that the lighting in the room would be so amazing by using their recommended DJ. I had no idea going in that lighting would make such a difference. They should post some videos of a wedding so that more people can see how the night will really look. We used their DJ but I was surprised. Liuna did a fantastic job and really Patricia (who was our Mgr for the night) was amazing! Truly an unforgettable venue and service.
-Fran Lovie

Always Accommodating!

I just had my wedding this past weekend at Liuna Station and it was amazing! I had my ceremony there in the lobby and then my reception in the smaller continental express room. Liuna Station is a beautiful venue with lots of character. It’s a great place for a wedding just on looks alone. It is the service at Liuna that sets it apart though. Everyone was super helpful leading up to and on the day itself. I had a lot of dietary concerns that I needed to be accommodated and they were able to do it with no problems at all. The food was delicious and hot (which is a rarity for wedding food). There was someone from Liuna that was there for the entire reception who handled any setting up, questions, and any hiccups that may have arisen. This was especially helpful because it took a lot of pressure off of me as the bride. My only complaint, if you could even call it that, was that the food was delicious but it was a little too much. Everyone was bursting after dinner. Luckily you have the dancing after to burn it off. I also appreciated the fair prices. Pricing in Hamilton in general is fair and you get the same if not better service than you get in the GTA. I would highly recommend Liuna.
-Shelley Haslehurst


Hearing feedback from the wonderful people who have experienced all that Liuna Station has to offer is truly what makes this line of business so rewarding. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share such special Liuna Station memories. We look forward to reading your upcoming reviews and hearing your suggestions so that we can learn, improve, and move forward as we celebrate many more exquisite events this summer, and beyond!

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