The cream of the crop, the bees knees, the best of the best – This is what Liuna Station strives to be. Our intention is for every person who walks through our doors to have a first class experience. With stunning architecture, delicious food and five star service, Liuna Station’s success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients.  No matter the event, we will help your vision come to life, right here at the exquisite Liuna Station.

We recently caught up with Vico Rosatone, General Manager, to find out what you can expect from a Liuna Station wedding planner, some current trends in the wedding industry and what really sets Liuna Station apart from the rest!

LS: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your position at Liuna Station.

VR: I have been with Liuna since 1986, I started in the kitchen at Liuna Gardens as a part time employee,  during my time there,  I held many positions and did almost every duty at different times which I believe gave me the opportunity to really understand this business from within.  Once I started full time in 1996,  I held the position of assistant manager and marketing coordinator.   In 1998, I was given the opportunity to be the General Manager of Liuna Station which was slated to be open by May of 2000.   I was also involved in the construction process over the next year and a half, which gave me the opportunity to see it all come together and to make any changes along the way when needed.    It has been a great 17 years here and can’t believe how time has passed!   Time flies when you are working with such a great team!


LS: With so many event venues to choose from, what sets Liuna Station apart from the rest?

VR: I truly believe that our food and service really set us apart from anyone else.   I know many   people may read this and say “the building looks pretty good too” and they are correct the building itself does make us very unique, but like I say to many of my clients, “you can’t eat the building”.  If the food wasn’t what it is, I don’t know we would have the success we are seeing.   I think our “Supreme Antipasto Bar” has really taken flight and guests really appreciate the items we use, for example all our cured meats are from “Niagara Specialty Meats”   or better known as “Pingue Prosciutto”. We only use their products on our antipasto bar which has really been a game changer.   As well, just as importantly, our service is just as incredible, right from the time our clients come through our doors, we ensure to give everyone a very comforting feeling that they are at the right facility.  This continues throughout the process, right through to the night of the event where we have dedicated staff for each event, which will ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed immediately.  The 3rd on my list would be the building itself – the ambiance created is like no other facility and I truly believe we have all the traits to ensure that an event will be executed elegantly and successfully.

LS: What trends are you seeing in the wedding industry right now?

VR: Moonlight buffets are a big thing as of late, people are adding fun foods like poutine station, pulled pork sliders, crepes station, Pasta sautéed with Garlic and Olive Oil (Pasta Aglio e Oglio) etc…

LS: What can a client expect from a Liuna Station wedding planner?

VR: While planning your wedding at Liuna Station, a planner will assist you from the time you come in for your first proposal appointment to the final details appointment which typically happens 3 months before the wedding date.  At the final details appointment we will finalize your menu, create  a floor plan that accommodates all your needs for the special day, decor details like linens and colours so that by the time you leave your final details appointment, your event is ready to go. The day of the event, all clients are met with a day of coordinator that will be at your side for the duration of the event. All events have their own personal day of coordinator!

LS: What about other kinds of events? Are there planners available to help corporate events come to life?

VR: Our corporate Sales Manager, Susanna Alvarez is fantastic and has over 30 years in the service industry. Susanna has executed thousands of events in her time and is recognized as one of the best event planners in our industry. She is well known in our community and I’m sure that anyone who has done a corporate event at Liuna Station and has dealt with Susanna will agree with me.

LS: Tell us about one of your most memorable moments at Liuna Station.

VR: There have been many memorable moments that I can recall.   The ones that really stick out would have to be (in no specific order)  The Andretti Event back in 2010, when we hosted the 3 generations of the Andretti Family, (Mario, Michael, Marco)  for a charity event with benefits going to Able Living, another is when we hosted a few events for the Junes when they were in Hamilton, that was a real treat for sure! We also were chosen to be the “Mystery Mansion” for Coors, that was very different and a lot of fun and it was a lot of work (just ask Sue!)  Another event that sticks out was the “Night of Champions event” which included Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes and George Chuvalo (if I was a big boxing fan then this probably would have been my favourite event). We also hosted a number events from the Canadian Music Awards when they were in Hamilton. These are just a few that come to mind, but we do many exciting events throughout the year that we always look forward to.

LS: What is your favourite part about being in the business of weddings and events?

VR: The best part of this job is seeing the weddings and events that we plan come to life!  Seeing the look on the face of the brides and grooms that spent over a year planning and seeing them happy is the best part of our job.  No two events are ever the same – every event is unique which keeps it really exciting.  We always look forward to the next one, so you can never get complacent. As I like to say, “ You are only as good as the last event you’ve done.” – So far so good!

We’d like to thank Liuna Station’s General Manager, Vico Rosatone for sharing his thoughts, expertise and for several years of contributing to so many successful events at Liuna Station!

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From all of us at Liuna Station, thank you for following along!