What helps transform a good event into a great event? Music of course! The right tunes can set the mood for any kind of event – and the wrong kind of music can really make a celebration fall flat. The perfect song can add so much life to the most special of moments and bring you back in time every time you hear it played. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a bridal shower, an anniversary celebration or any other kind of event, we want to make sure you’ve got the right music playing to enhance those special milestones. At Liuna Station, we call on our preferred vendor, The DJ Emporium to make musical magic happen!

The DJ Emporium was founded in February of 1995 and quickly established itself as one of the premier entertainment companies in the GTA and surrounding areas.

We recently caught up with Herbert Hernandez, Marketing & Sales, to find out what The DJ Emporium has to offer.

LS: Tell us a little bit about DJ Emporium?

HH: DJ Emporium has been in the business for over 20 years. We are the in-house DJ & Audio Visual provider for Liuna Station, Liuna Gardens and over 20 other venues in the GTA.


LS: Why should individuals hire a professional DJ for their next event at Liuna Station?

HH: Consultation is done 4 weeks before the event by a certified wedding planner / detailer who will discuss their needs and assign a DJ & MC.

LS: Rock and Roll? Country? Heavy Metal? With so many different genres out there, are you able to cater to the most unique musical tastes?  

HH: We have over 60 DJs on our roster so we can fulfill language requests, style requests, etc.

LS: The right music can really set the tone, but the right lighting and special effects can also play a big part in setting the stage for a good time. Are these additional services available through DJ Emporium?

HH: At Liuna Station we have 125 moving heads that can be used for table lighting, flood lighting, stage lighting, etc.

LS: Sometimes it takes a little convincing to get people out of their seats at an event. What is the key to getting guests out on the dance floor? 

HH: If it were a simple answer anyone could be a successful DJ. However, there are so many factors to consider that it really comes down to being able to read a crowd, which is something our DJs excel at.

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No matter what kind of music gets you and your guests up and grooving, DJ Emporium can work with you to make your event shine! And when our guests are happy with their event, it’s like music to our ears!

We’d like to thank Herbert from The DJ Emporium for taking some time to chat with us. Be sure to head over to Liuna Gardens’ blog to check out “A Night to Remember”, written by The DJ Emporium to learn more about the services available from The DJ Emporium.

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