Creating a unique event that stands out is important to all of us. Having your guests mingling and dancing, hearing laughter fill the room, and creating lasting memories is what we all long for.  Let us fill you in on how live entertainment can help you create this type of experience. From classical music to Bon Jovi or the Fugees, have your music come to life with an electric harp! Whatever your special event might be, adding this unique musical touch will surely make your event one to remember. At Liuna Station, we call on our preferred vendor, Divine Harp to bring a heavenly touch to your special day!

Divine Harp has been providing live musical electric harp entertainment to clients all over Ontario since 1997.  We recently caught up with Alyssa Michalsky, BMus, BEd, Mmus to find out what Divine Harp has to offer.

LS) Tell us the inspiration behind Divine Harp?

DH) Divine Harp was founded as I was entering my first year of University in Toronto studying Harp Performance. Although I had already taught students and performed at many events, it was officially time to launch my company name and website. Actually, I had really wanted the name HarpAngel, but unfortunately one of my colleagues in Alberta had already taken it! Although the Divine in the Harp does not have any ties to any religious stems, it still symbolizes the exotic and ethereal qualities that the harp and harp music represents.

DH Water

LS) How does Divine Harp compare to other musical options?

DH) The unique nature of the harp itself is unparalleled when performed at any event, but the music that I provide goes way beyond just having a “harp”. After finishing my Master’s degree in Harp Performance, as well as taking Jazz performance classes with the harp, my performances are strategically balanced to provide every musical element needed at whatever event I play at. Everything played is without any music sheets or books. All of my transcriptions are my own and you will hear a plethora of genres ranging from Classical to Pop, and Jazz and Contemporary. The final element that separates me from not only other musicians, but other harpists: is the electric harp. There are only two of us in Canada who play the electric harp and each of us has two concert Grand models for performance. I can’t imagine playing anywhere without the obvious benefits that the electric harp provides; not only that, but it opens the door to a wider variety of performance types and venues.

LS) What gravitated you as a musician to use an electric harp?

DH) I was never the ordinary run of the mill harpist (nor person). It was somewhat instinctual and apparent to me at an early age that I was divergent. Having the regular classical background in both Piano and Harp gave me the essential tools needed to move towards a more creative path of musicianship. Thinking outside of the box (especially in today’s ever changing and digital world) is crucial for advancement and basic survival if you own your own business. The electric harp gives me the platform to be able to showcase modern and contemporary music in an innovative high-tech way. Coupling a looping station and effects board, the harp is only limited by one’s imagination and has no boundaries!

LS) Why would you suggest live music to be considered for readers upcoming events?

DH) Regardless of which live musician one might hire for an event, I think it is vital for our society to continue to use and promote the “human” element as much as possible. In the digital age, it is much too easy to replace or substitute a human being with an electronic format or counterpart. Teaching the next generation appreciation for the fine arts can only come by demonstration.

Carson Wedding Roger's center

LS) With the variety of special events Liuna Station hosts, what are your set options?

DH) The electric harp is so versatile and lends itself to playing a wide variety of genres and music styles. This harp and my music can be suited to any environment, regardless of the number of people or the location. Many have said that it is like hiring a completely different musician when Divine Harp performs for a ceremony and then for a cocktail event. Clients can experience any form of music, unique to each setting or event. Understanding the mood and environment of the particular job is essential in my business. Playing to the crowd with regards to song choices in genre, and the overall tone and effect of the harp (either with soft classical, or hard core classic rock) is what separates the music maker from the musician.

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With all the hustle and bustle your special event will have, ensure your guests can enjoy and hear the unique musical entertainment from Divine Harp. Alyssa’s performance aims to leave guests happier than they were the day before, and bring a warm smile to their soul, there’s no harping about it!

We’d like to thank Alyssa from Divine Harp for taking the time to chat with us. Be sure to head over to Liuna Gardens’ blog to check out “Rolling out in Style”, our mini interview with A Celebrity Limousine, and learn about another value added service that will make your event one to remember.

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