Tips for Writing Thank You Cards

 Key Points for Writing the Perfect Thank You Card

After your wedding, it is VERY important to thank your guests for their attendance and gifts. Always handwrite these thank you cards. Handwriting shows that you have invested some time to personally thank them for their attendance, money and gifts. Thank you cards are best brstationblogief, but personal.  There are a few key things you need to include:

Part One: Thank them for Attending  your Special Day:

–          Thank you so much!  We truly had the perfect wedding day/ceremony/celebration

–          Thank you, it truly was a magical evening/day/special day for us

–          We cannot thank you enough for travelling to share our special day with us

Good words: perfect, wonderful, marvellous, happy, excited, elated

Part Two: Thank them for their Gift:

If the gift was money:  Thank them, but leave out the amount. You can; however, choose to tell them what you will do with it (savings, honeymoon, house etc.)

Gift/Registry: Thank them, specifically naming the item and tell them you will make use of it (even if you won’t).

–          We are very thankful/appreciative/humbled for your gift

–          We are overwhelmed by your generosity

–          Thank you for you’re a kind/brilliant/thoughtful/wonderful/hand-made gift

–          Thank you for your gift, we will be putting it towards our honeymoon, house, saving to start a family in the future…

Part 3: End with a Personal Statement:

–          It was lovely seeing you again

–          We were so excited you could share our special day with us.

–          It meant the world to us to share our special day with you

–          Cannot wait until (date/holiday) to see you again

–          We are so honored/blessed/lucky to have such loving (grandparents, neighbours, coworkers etc.)

For tricky family or friend relationships or situations (lets be honest, we all have them) it is best to keep a thank you card SWEET & SIMPLE. End with a personal statement that does not mention any awkward situation or time and more focused on you as a couple than them. Now is not the time to bring up someones illness, apologies for previous encounter, awkward fight, anything too personal as people usually keep them/display them in their home and may not want to have that written in stone or displayed for all to see.

Part 4: Practice what will be Written & Proof Read!

Have extra cards on hand in case you mess up anything. If you do mess up, start a new card, no white-out or scratching through words.