Welcome to our Kitchen!

Claudio Pingue is our Executive Chef here at Liuna Station. Claudio grew up in an Italian family with parents who valued growing and using farm fresh foods, wholesome ingredients and cooking traditional foods from scratch. Cooking was a family affaclaudioir and no one came through the door without being fed and fed well! Food was a source of celebration and happiness. Claudio followed his passion for fine cuisine and advanced to Executive Chef here at the Station. That traditional family hospitality and love of fine dining and family celebration is what Claudio brings to our venue, preparing custom menus and fare that tempt the taste buds. Alongside Claudio are our Sous Chef’s Amanda Steen and Osmel Parody, who work together to experiment and create menus with popular and enchanting flavours. As a team, they believe in designing plates and menus that feed the soul and make your event unique and unforgettable.

Here at Liuna Station we abide by the philosophy that there are few finer things in life than celebrating with family, friends and good food. We are all about pampering our guests with that same family hospitality, making you feel warm, welcome and well fed! When you are dining at Liuna Station, you are dining at our family’s dinner table and we welcome you as a member of our family. By cooking food that makes your soul feel good we strive to create and recreate those wonderful memories of spending time around the table with your loved ones. We are advocates for fresh and quality ingredients and and try to source locally when possible. Whether it is an event of 70 or 700, we strive to create a personal, intimate environment where conversation and celebration meet. We endeavour to give all our guests an extraordinary dining experience! Cheers!