Liuna Gardens has seen over 3500 weddings over the last 30 years. So we thought we should ask them what they propose are the top 5 Tips to a Successful Marriage/ Relationship, with Valentine’s Day around the corner!

  1. Everyone always strives for a STRONG marriage. But they rarely know the secret to achieve this marriage. A strong marriage is not both parts being strong at the same time throughout the marriage. When there are times that your partner is weak, that is the time you step up and be their strength! Remember a perfect marriage is two imperfect beings find the perfection in each other
  2. Don’t let the outside word dictate your happiness! There are so many instances in life when people will meddle in your relationship and give unsolicited advice. Whether it is an in-law, family member, friends or co-workers, you need to remember that your marriage is a sanctuary for your love to grow and the weeds that try to enter it should be banished at the door.
  3. Secrets and lies are the threshold of a poisoned marriage. Never keep secrets or lie to your partner, well unless you are planning a surprise birthday party for them. These two elements break trust and create insecurity in a place where you and your partner should feel safe. If you made a mistake humbly ask for forgiveness! That way healing can start right away and trust can begin to build again
  4. Life these days are getting busier with workloads increasing and children’s extra-curricular activities taking over our family time. You need to be open with your spouse and be patient with each other. Always remember that your spouse is more important than your schedule. When your spouse calls or texts you ALWAYS answer the phone. And when you are with your spouse try to stay off your phone!!
  5. If you know anything about chess, you know that the queen is the most powerful piece, and that the king needs to always be protected. When in public never speak badly about your spouse or vent about them. When in a situation where you have to choose whether to say something mean about your spouse or say nothing, always choose to say nothing. Protect each other at all times!!

It sounds like Liuna Gardens has some experienced tips to share with all of us.  Do not forget to check LIUNA Station’s blog as they offer advice, with Valentine’s Day around the corner!