Whatever you do. Don’t skip the Wedding Rehearsal!

Preparation is EVERYTHING.

The rehearsal is more important than you think and many are opting out of doing one. You can have everything laid out on paper but trust us when we say, practice makes perfect. There are actually 2 things you should rehearse: The Ceremony Processional & Recessional and The Ballroom Entrance – especially if you have something different, funky or unique planned.942971_604965011090_501742913_n

When you have your wedding rehearsal here at Liuna Station we try to have the Event
Supervisor who will be your go-to person on the day is running your rehearsal. This lets US see what you are envisioning so WE can prepare for anything that may or can go wrong. We will ask you all the appropriate questions and probably some that you haven’t even thought of! We have seen thousands of ceremonies and can offer suggestions and tips to help. We will take note of the order that everything is happening in, who is walking when and where, what you should let your officiant know, etc.

The other thing you should consider rehearsing is the Ballroom Entrance. Many couples leave this part out. It doesn’t have to be done at the venue itself, but it is important to rehearse so there is less stress for everyone on the day. Another suggestion we have is: let someone YOU know announce the names of the couples entering the ballroom. DJ’s are usually pretty good at this but to ensure everyone’s name is pronounced correctly it is better to have an energetic  friend or family member do it.  The DJ may not know if you had to switch something last minute but a family member or close friend would now it is X person at the door instead of Y and can make the appropriate adjustments.

ceremony2Call Liuna Station if you want to set up your
wedding rehearsal directly in the space or feel free to do it at home, in your backyard, in a public park, or wherever you find some space! Whatever you do – rehearse! It will help make your special day stress free and you will have more fun.

Best Wishes!

Liuna Station