Balance, terrible dad jokes and lots of love!

by Feb 15, 2019

You know those images where you look at them and your jaw drops – well we caught up with a couple still makers that have us over the moon! David and Kara’s Wedding Imagery will have you mesmerized and dreaming of a second wedding! The beauty, the ease and simplicity of their amazing photos are things we had fun chatting about this past week!

What’s something a bride and groom should remember when posing on their wedding day?

When it comes to formal portraits, there’s a fine balance between too much intervention and too little direction. Too much intervention can make your poses look and feel forced or cliché. On the other hand, too little direction can leave most couples feeling super awkward and self-conscious (let’s be honest – we’re not ALL cover models who do photo shoots on the regz!). So, it’s important that your photographer be able to deliver a good balance of giving you direction without making your shoot feel forced or too contrived.

How do you make your clients feel comfortable when in front of the lens?

The most effective way for us to ensure our clients are comfortable in front of our lens is to have the opportunity to work with them before the wedding day. That’s why we always include engagement sessions with our packages, and why we highly encourage couples who we meet with to make sure they do an engagement session with whichever photographer that they choose to book for their big day

What is your favourite trick to use when shooting a new client?

I like to tell really terrible dad jokes, because I have my dad license; it’s completely legal. If I can get my clients laughing (even if it’s at me) that’s half the battle.

What are you looking forward to most about 2019?

We’re expecting a baby girl in April (we have two boys who will turn 5 and 3 in March), so we’re purposefully keeping a lighter schedule for 2019. We’re looking forward to the new baby, obviously, but also to the fewer weddings that we are booking, because we’re able to make sure that they’re the types of weddings that we love to be a part of!

When should client’s book with you?

Most of our clients book us 12-18 months in advance, with some booking as far as 24 months in advance. That doesn’t mean we will never have some last-minute dates available, but it DOES mean that if you know you want us to cover your date, the odds are better that we’re available the further out you book!

What’s a neat tip or trick that you would give to inspire photographers just getting into the biz?

Do it. It’s the world’s best job. With that said, it’s probably best to shoot weddings under an experienced photographer first, so that if you mess up or miss shots it’s not going to negatively affect a couple’s memories of their big day. Weddings are pretty important, happen in real time and can’t be reshot… it’s kind of important to know what you’re doing and how to handle different weather or logistical scenarios before you ask people to trust you to capture them on your own.

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