All because two people fell in love we get to do what we do and we couldn’t be more grateful! We are so excited to share in more experience and make more lasting memories with the couples-to-be this summer, so we thought no better time than the present to catch up on summer wedding trends forecasted for this upcoming season!

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Summer Colour Forecast 

Colour trend forecasters Pantone

sees bright and bold hues in our future like “peach fuzz, bright Horizon Blue, exotic Spicy Mustard, vibrant Sun Orange, fresh Bistro Green, fiery Fiesta Red, and bold Strong Blue.” Adding these spicey and vibrant colours into your décor will only amp up the day’s excitement and whimsical, romantic vibes!

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Dutch Masters–Inspired Florals

The influence of Dutch Masters–inspired floral design is evident as well. People are catching on to the trend of artful, fruit-dripped tablescapes with creative, often darker arrangements. —Colin Cowie

Flowers are in and in a heavy old way. We are seeing big, extremely architectural moments. —Fallon Carter

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“Our brides and grooms are taking their wedding wardrobes to new heights, enlisting the help of professional stylists to curate diverse looks for their special wedding weekend. From embracing non-white and nontraditional wedding dresses to giving the wedding party more freedom to style themselves, wedding attire is all about making a statement. This attention to style adds a touch of sophistication to the overall celebration. —B.R. (

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Multi-Course Dinners

“Gone are the days of large guest counts and massive buffets. Couples are more and more frequently opting for smaller guest counts of around 50-75 and are leaning into multi-course dinners to treat their guests to an epic dining experience. Get creative with your menu, and get inspired by locations, seasons, or memories that are significant to you and your partner,” – Rob Pausmith, Founder of Pausmith Group

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Drone Shows – “Enter the era of the drone show! This innovative spectacle offers a fresh and elevated take on the traditional fireworks display. Drone shows are not only more environmentally friendly, thanks to the absence of smoke associated with fireworks, but they also provide greater customization and choreography options to reflect the couple’s unique story. It’s a win-win situation in our book.” — Bryan Rafanelli, Rafanelli Events

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“This trend speaks to the mindset of our couples: sustainability. Our couples ultimately want to be thoughtful in all of their decisions,” – Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss  and Co-Founder Rock Paper Coin

“This may include estate jewelry, printing invitations on upcycled materials, charity-based registries, and vendors that give back. As we have seen a rise in couples that are focused on their footprint, we have worked with them to find a venue and team that are like-minded, and also find ways to lessen their impact and give back to the community. We can’t wait to see these trends come to life in 2024!” – The Bash

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