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There are so many reasons to celebrate, and each celebration is unique but one thing they all have in common is the joy that transcends among the crowd whether it be for a baptism, wedding, bridal shower or corporate event! This week we are going to take a look at unique ways to elevate your corporate event.

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Food, there is no better way to enjoy people’s company and get them bonding than indulging in fine cuisine. This year people are looking for more than just filling their belly – they are looking for an experience! Charcuterie boards are perfect for this – with a wide variety or light or hearty options they appeal to everyone and are always a crowd favourite! You can also take this up to the next level with an amazing antipasto table for larger groups! And with our Italian fused menu we can create a unique design customized for you by you! Yum!

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Set the tone for the event with a grand entrance – lights, flowers, balloons, LED wall display or sculptures – the options are endless. Or customize and personalize the appearance to create a dynamic first impression with your branding (perhaps on the front of a building)!

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Guest Speakers are always a big hit – whether it is a comedian or a story teller, nothing gets your participants engaged like a shared experience which really allows everyone to communicate on a personal, intimate and emotional level. Take this classic guest speaker trend up a notch by challenging the speaker to create interactive experiences for your participants during the talk, or play with the format of the talk – perhaps you go with three mini TED talk style talks vs a longer keynote. 

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Supporting local businesses never goes out of style in our opinion –  from venues to décor, balloon installation or flower arrangements to sweet treat add ons or a local entertainer – showcasing the host event community is always a hit! Think outside the box and inside the bag as a way to showcase local businesses with unique, engaging swag bags for your event goers! 

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But if you are ever having a little trouble consider the five E’s of event planning – elements, essentials, environment, energy and emotions. These five tips will help you pull it all together and make it one of your most memorable events yet!

Validating and supporting the individuals that move mountains for your company is your WHY for any corporate celebration, knowing that it will boost their morale and creativity, help them to recharge and build a more cohesive team dynamic – is all the reason you need to get planning your next event! Contact us at (905) 525-2410 to help you start planning your next team building experience!

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