Here at Liuna Station, we make it our business to create extraordinary events. Keeping up with event trends, and creating lasting memories for all our guests is what we do best. As a preferred venue serving the GTHA, we come together and creatively brainstorm ways to make our clients vision become a reality.

Now with the weather changing, the holiday season is fast approaching, and the idea of your upcoming corporate holiday event might be top of mind. We are approaching the time of year that brings us closer together, a special time to give thanks and show appreciation. What better way to express gratitude than having a cool corporate holiday event?! Nobody can stand to attend another boring suit and tie event.

Three easy ways to spruce up your corporate holiday event:

  1. Be sure to include some social elements for your event to stand out.
  2. Think of fun branded items that you can give as parting gifts.
  3. Create a unique theme. If you are struggling to think of a cool concept, check out this amazing blog from Social Tables that highlights winter trends to keep in mind.


We’d love to host your function at Liuna Station, so get in touch with us today to start planning. If you need advice in planning a social holiday event, be sure to check out our post in Liuna Gardens for some friendly tips.

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