Now that the holiday season is over, event planners and organizations are starting to prepare for upcoming corporate events. Like any event, you want to ensure your concept is unique, and content is engaging to keep your audience’s attention. Whether you bring in a keynote speaker with a large following to your presentation, coordinate an interactive wellness break in your networking event, or book a venue with an amazing chief – like ours at Liuna Station! With the increasing number of corporate events being held year-after-year, you want to make sure you include the latest corporate trends in your upcoming events. Check out some of the biggest trends in the world of corporate events that will take your upcoming event to the next level:

Experience, Experience, Experience!

We have seen a rise of experiential marketing in 2017 events, and it’s only getting bigger in the New Year. The more effort companies make to provide a valuable experience in their corporate event will increase the success rate. Immerse your guests with a complete experience at Liuna Station, be creative with the use of our venue, decor choice, and include social media components. Check out Liuna Garden’s blog that highlights the top 5 social event trends of 2018. By providing your guests with a personalized experience is a great way to ensure a boost for employee spirit, guest morale and brand reputation.


Evolving Technology

Year after year technology continues to evolve and enhance the way we organize and conduct corporate events. In 2018 expect to see more interactive ways for guests to be engaged with technology. We are already seeing our cell phones being used to keep us engaged and interactive within conferences. Other ways technology will be used to enhance guests experience in upcoming corporate events are with tailor-made event apps, live video streaming, and social media platforms to give guests a collaborative and interactive experience.  

human-2944064_1920Guest Engagement

Not only do you want to provide an experience to your guests, you want to get them involved and active throughout the conference. Provide unique activities to break the day up, and give life to your brand. Whether you start the afternoon with a nice yoga flow, or add a fun workshop in your next conference, by providing guest engagement in your event will get your guest motivated and stimulated. Guest engagement will also provide team building in your corporate event, and give a positive lasting impression of your company.

Mouth Watering, Eye Catching FOOD

There’s no denying it, a good menu makes all the difference in any event. Not only do you want to ensure your guests enjoy top quality food, but you also want to put the effort in its presentation. At Liuna Station, we pride ourselves on creating menus that leave our guests raving! Our Executive Chef specializes in Italian cuisine, but no matter what your appetite may be, we will deliver a unique delicious menu that is the perfect fit for any event. We believe in fresh, locally sourced gourmet dishes. We’re not only about good tasting food, we’re about appealing presentation too. Our meals aim to excite your eyes as much as your taste buds! To enhance the ambiance of your corporate event you can use flowers, music, ice sculptures and other specialty items. Liuna Station teams up with so many amazing vendors to make your event come to life!

LIUNA EntreeInteractive Entertainment

One of the biggest corporate event trends, and a necessity for any event is entertainment. Whether you are planning a conference or team building activity, including an interactive entertainment element is a must. Scarlett Entertainment & Events suggests to check out some of the new experiential entertainment options such as Interactive Sound System, Hashtag Photo Mosaic or the classic photo booths. Don’t forget to brand your items so you can give guests as a personal take away.

And if we haven’t made it crystal clear, we would LOVE to host your upcoming corporate event. We have the latest corporate event trends covered, a great list of preferred vendors that you can utilize, and a talented events team who will make your event come to life. Get in touch today to book a site visit!

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From all of us at Liuna Station, thank you for following along!