The year is coming close to its end, and as we start to close the chapter of 2017, we wanted to take the time to reflect on this year’s corporate event trends.  At Liuna Station we have the privilege of hosting a variety of creative events, that always leave our guests happy. We make it our priority to stay on top of the trends, and help bring our clients vision into reality.

Developing social elements into your corporate event has really proved to help guests stay engaged and interactive. Successful corporate events encourage attendees to get social by checking-in, live-streaming, and sharing content to drive awareness in a real-time manner. By providing social elements into your event, will get your guests to use their smartphones as tools for interaction, instead of a distraction!


Content is, and always will be, king. Not only do events need to be digitally savvy, your content and delivery are key at every stage of the event life cycle. Providing quality content will help maintain engagement in a successful corporate event. Read this helpful article from etouches which highlight four crucial steps to reach the content-generated attendees.


Tapping into your guest’s emotional intelligence by providing sensory lounges, recreational rooms and experience areas, will keep your attendees immersed and satisfied. At Liuna Station we always think of different strategic ways to keep guests engaged, while providing meaningful experiences. To learn more corporate event trends of 2017, head over to Hello Endless blog and read their roundup. Our sister blog Liuna Gardens reviews the social event trends of 2017.

By the way, in case we didn’t mention, we would love to host your 2018 corporate event! Get in touch today to book a site visit!

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