April showers bring May flowers, and then summer will be on its way! To help our summer wedding readers plan their big day, we thought to do a roundup of the seasons top wedding trends, focusing on entertainment and photography. Without a doubt, entertaining your guests and capturing candid moments are two important aspects of your big day. From live bands, to flash mob dancers and flying drones, read below to stay on trend this summer!
Live Entertainment
By far, one of the most popular entertainment trends this summer, is featuring live bands to play your wedding music. Whether you are into R&B, folk music, or the classic violin, adding this type of entertainment element will surely create a memorable experience. Scarlett Entertainment foresees, “flash Mob Dancers and Surprise Singing Waiters are also in the list of our wedding entertainment predictions for 2018. Modern brides and grooms are looking for new ways to surprise and delight their guests and make their special day unforgettable.”

Photo: Van Daele & Russell Wedding Photography from Jude + Mark’s Wedding at LIUNA Gardens
Musical Twist Unconventional musical options that are not typically seen or requested for weddings are becoming a popular choice for young couples. Make room for beatboxers and karaoke bands to be on the wish list of trendy young couples in 2018. As Scarlett Entertainment explains, “this is a clear indication of the changing tastes and preferences of the new generation of brides and grooms. Flair bartenders will also continue to provide the added benefit of providing a guests refreshing drink accompanied with a dynamic and exciting live performance.”
Futuristic Photography
We have seen them buzzing around natural landmarks, and big cities, but make room for drones to appear at your upcoming summer weddings. Having the ability to capture aerial shots of a couples big day, is becoming extremely popular, especially for outdoor venues. It’s no surprise that drones are now being utilized to up a videographer’s wedding game. It should be noted to have proper insurance, as some guests have been known to sue the couple/venue due to a technical drone malfunction!

Photo: Drones Etc.
Keep your wedding party entertained while capturing the traditional wedding photos by using photo bombs. Not only does it add colour to the photo shoot- it’s a great way to capture a candid moment. As Brides mention, “these fun props take off in gorgeous clouds of color, creating a dreamy backdrop that’s completely ethereal. Not only do they put on an epic show that promises to make your wedding photos unforgettable, they also offer a playful way to add a nontraditional and unexpected element to your wedding, bringing it alive with a burst of color.”

Photo: Lauren Rita Photography
Wedding Boomerangs
Bring your boomerang game off Instagram and into your special day. We all know that this social media feature is a big trend, and now couples are bringing it to their wedding. Michael Briggs Pictures explains, “it’s fun, it’s a great way for guests to interact and get in the spirit of things, its current and on trend. The perfect fun addition to your wedding memories.”
Videography 2.0
Whether you blame it on the busy lives most people face in our Western society, or the lack of attention span, many people are not going to sit and watch an hour plus wedding video from start to finish. That’s why Motion Array suggests, “compiling a 5-minute highlight reel to distribute alone with your wedding video is an absolute must. Highlight reels also make for a great way to share the wedding love with all those who couldn’t attend, on social media.”
Wedding Trailer
Another great option for your videographer is to create a wedding trailer, like what you would see for a new movie. This trend is a great teaser for your guests who are taking the time to watch the full wedding film. Belinda Video Productions suggests, “it should include glimpses of the highlights of your wedding, showing just enough to leave your guests wanting more, and should be set to a rousing soundtrack. Post your wedding trailer online and include a link to it in your thank you cards. 1 min Instagram trailers are getting more and more popular.”
There you have it folks, whatever you decide to choose for your upcoming summer wedding, know that unique entertainment is king to ensure your guests have a memorable experience.
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