It’s Father’s Day, so we here at Liuna Gardens wanted to take a moment to recognize all of the amazing Super-Dads out there who work hard, love their family and set the bar for all the young men who have yet to take on the honourable title of “Father”. We recently caught up with Andy, a relatively new Dad to a smart, creative and ridiculously handsome 18 month old son. We asked Andy why he loves being a Dad, what life lessons he hopes to instill in his children and what advice he has for other soon-to-be new Dads.
LG: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.
Andy: We are a wonderful team who do almost everything together. We love long hikes, and trips down to the waterfront. Spend most of our days in a body of water, or eating something off the barbecue. We have 3 pets (Roncy the Cat, Lilly the Dog, and Darren the Fish) who also love to be outside. 
LG: What is your favorite part about being a Dad?
Andy: Hugs are my favorite. But really everything about being a dad is amazing. Its all the good and not so good that makes it so rewarding.
LG: What has been the most challenging part so far? 
Andy: Being patient. There is always going to be days where things don’t go as planned. You have to keep a level head even when things go awry. 
LG: Which TV/movie Dad are you most like and why?
Andy: I am not sure yet. I would like to be a Sandy Cohen or Phillip Banks type dad some day. Someone who is easy to talk, understanding, and fair. 
LG: What advice to you have for soon-to-be new Dads?
1) I think the most important thing is to make sure you always prioritize your partner and make sure you take care of each other that first year can be exhausting so take care of each other. 
2) Enjoy every single day you have with your family. Life throws all kinds of curves at us, so don’t waste a day. 
3) Get your sleep in now! 
LG: When your child/children grow up, what are the biggest lessons you hope they will have learned from you? 
Andy: I think the most important things will be to be active, spend lots of time outdoors, and just always try to be a good person. 
LG: How will you be celebrating Father’s Day this year? 
Andy: Just taking it easy with my family, couldn’t ask for anything more. 
We’d like to thank Andy for peeling himself away from his adorable son for a few moments to chat with us and we’d like to wish all of the other Super-Dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!
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