Prom season 2018 did not disappoint with the surprise factor, whether your garb consisted of a two-piece, you went minimalist, or wore a flashy suit – prom had EVERYONE turning heads.  Décor much like attire had the same effect, ranging from varying themes to give everyone that spectacular prom experience, to daydream of long after that magical night. Check out a few of the things we saw trending this past season and LOVED.
The past couple years this has been a really big tradition.  In 2018 some of the sweet gestures ranged from giant signs, P.A announcements, large bouquets of flowers to scavenger hunts, marching bands or carriage rides! Whichever way you ask or were asked, the thrill and pop of the question is only the beginning.

So, what did you wear?  Besides acquiring the perfect date, the dress is top priority and it needs to be on point!  This year we saw a wide range in dress styles, two-pieces and suits alike. Some choices were over the top, while others choose a more minimalist attire, and the guys suits certainly gave the girls a run for their money- no longer is dressing up just for the girls!  With outfits ranging in style and colour, individuality was the main intention which is kind of great, totally underrated and WIDELY appreciated!
Metallic, magical themes and sustainability were popular picks.  Metallic’s like gold, rose gold and bronze were used as accents amongst the fairy-tale like themes: under the sea, starry night, masquerade ball, and a magical forest just to name a few.  Anything fantasy themed created a lot of buzz, and a night to really remember. A new trend in décor that has been popping up is sustainability – going paperless, supporting local businesses, as well as integrating charitable acts throughout your beloved community. Remember, giving back never goes out of season!

One of the many highlights of the evening, like any special event, is food! This year we saw all sorts of options provided appetizers and snacks, buffet style or a traditional sit-down meal, the options were endless!But while dinners were typical the deserts were anything but!  Mini-cupcakes, varying types of cookies, donuts and more were sweetening everyone up!

We hope you had a magical 2018 prom, may the next chapter be the best! Be sure to head over to LIUNA Station blog to see what was trending for 2018 graduation.
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