At Liuna Gardens we love getting the opportunity to host all sorts of extraordinary events. We especially love welcoming new mamas-to-be as they celebrate their baby shower with us. We thought we would share some ideas about how to create a truly unique baby shower!
Hold my Drink
The party doesn’t have to stop for 9 months! Why not come up with some cute non-alcoholic Mock-tail drink ideas for the baby shower. There are tons of great recipes available online. Mamas can still have fun!

Parenting 101

New parents often need all the help they can get! Why not share some words of wisdom with the mama-to-be and have some fun while doing it? For a unique game idea, have the guests write down the best parenting advice they can think of, on a piece of paper, anonymously. Have the mama-to-be read the notes aloud and pick her favourite advice. Whoever submitted the winning words wins a prize and the mama-to-be is left with wonderful advice from her favourite women to take along with her as she journeys into motherhood.
Books Galore!
Instead of guests spending money on traditional cards, we love the idea of every guest bringing a baby/children’s book and signing the inside cover with a note for the child to cherish always. It promotes reading (which is so important!) and helps the mama-to-be begin to build her child’s library. It’s a win-win! 
Guess Who?
Who doesn’t love looking through old baby albums? Ask all of the guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby or toddler as well as a recent photo. Arrange all of the photos on a table or clothespin them to a hanging string. Guests will have to guess who is who and the person who gets the most correct answers wins! It’s a good way to bring all of the guests together and it’s sure to be good for a laugh!  
We’ll Take Seconds 
Babies grow up fast. Some outfits are only worn once or twice before a wee one outgrows them. Some toys are only played with a handful of times. We think it’s a great idea for mamas-to-be to welcome gently used baby clothes, toys, blankets, etc. at her baby shower. Spread the love!  
We’d like to wish all of this season’s mamas-to-be a healthy and happy journey into motherhood!
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