As love is the universal language understood by all, it is no surprise that there are many different wedding traditions that couples around the world celebrate. At LIUNA we host many different special occasions. We recently caught up with Heather from Heather Windsor Photography, to get the inside scoop of Aminah and Ibrahim’s three day Indian Wedding Ceremony. Read our mini interview below to learn about Heather’s first experience at LIUNA, advice for couples searching for an outdoor wedding space and her favourite moment captured in the couple’s western ceremony.
LG: What inspired you to start your company Heather Windsor Photography?
HW: I have always been interested in photography and fine art from a young age, but decided to take graphic design in college as it was a growing industry at the time. An invitation to a friends wedding and my brand new (at the time) DSLR camera is what made me realize how much I loved the idea of photographing weddings for a living. That took me down the path to starting my own business in 2004, and 14 years later, and I’m still doing what I love!

LG: Aminah + Ibrahim’s wedding was your first time shooting at LIUNA, how did you like it?
HW: LIUNA Gardens is such a beautiful venue! I greatly enjoyed getting to explore the outdoor locations on the property for photography, as it offers such a versatile environment. The outdoor ceremony couldn’t have a more stunning backdrop and the sunsets are incomparable! The bridal suite is also lovely and neutrally decorated which worked well for some portraits before the ceremony.  I can’t wait to photograph more beautiful weddings there!

LG: What’s it like shooting a 3 day wedding ceremony?!
HW: I’ve photographed many multi-day ceremonies over the years and they are definitely exciting and tons of fun! You really get to know your couple and their families and friends since you spend more time with them. Every day is so different depending on the culture and what is involved, and often the outfits are stunning and so colourful.

LG: Can you share your advice for couples searching for an outdoor wedding space?
HW: I think every couple has to decide on their vision for their wedding – are you looking for a natural environment or urban? Do you want trees, water, architecture? There are so many beautiful outdoor locations but each one has their own look. Some locations can be used with little to no decor and others may require a bit more styling to make it perfect. You want to think about things like accessibility for guests with mobility problems, walking on grass vs. having a proper pathway, what the options are if it rains, or do you have to bring in a tent yourself? It’s also important to think about catering (kitchen facilities), bathrooms, lighting, parking and other things that can make or break your day. Some couples fall in love with a venue or idea without thinking about all the possible pros and cons and this can cause a lot more stress on a day.
LG: Describe your photography style of capturing Aminah + Ibrahim’s wedding?
HW: My photography style remains the same no matter who my couple is. My ultimate goal is to capture the day as authentically as possible, while still providing as much support and guidance as my couples need during photos. Since Aminah + Ibrahim’s wedding was multi-day, there was no shortage of events going on in many different locations. Capturing the real emotions and stunning visuals that are timeless is the important part of my job, as it’s what they will look back on for years to come and what they will share with future generations.

LG: Tell us your favourite moment captured in Aminah + Ibrahim’s western wedding?
HW: I think my favourite moment at Aminah + Ibrahim’s wedding was sneaking them out of their reception during dinner to photograph with the incredible sunset at LIUNA Gardens. My couples often love doing this, as it gives them a moment together outside of their busy reception and it is often some of their favourite images from the day.

We’d like to thank Heather for sharing the behind the scenes of capturing Aminah and Ibrahim’s western ceremony at LIUNA Gardens. Interested to check out Heather’s work, check out her website and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!
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