A popular wedding trend that we have noticed are couples moving away from conventional wedding ceremonies, and looking for more creative ways to say “I do”. Whether you are looking for a short and sweet ceremony or stately and sacred, FunWeddings aims to help create your custom wedding ceremony that truly expresses you! If you are searching for “an unstuffy, creative, inclusive, respectful and fun wedding ceremony”, read our mini interview with FunWeddings. Founder Kip provides great insight into this popular wedding trend, and gives you advice on what you should know before committing to an officiant.
LS: Please tell us the history behind FunWeddings Inc.
FW: I started performing weddings at a pretty young age (I believe I was 21 when I officiated for the first time). I had a blast! It was such a great feeling to participate in such a happy occasion.
After that first event I began to receive requests from couples I had been recommended to. That was the initial spark that got things going. Every year after that I received more and more inquiries, which before I knew it (without any advertising) had turned into officiating over a 100 weddings a year. I never dreamed I would have a career performing weddings – It’s something I’ve always done, simply because I enjoy it so much. But in 2015 I came to the realization that this hobby/passion of mine had become a full-time opportunity.
That led to the forming of FunWeddings Inc., which has grown into a team of like minded officiants, DJs, photographers, videographers, coming together under the banner of FunWeddings, we even have photo-booths now ☺.

LS: Describe how FunWeddings Inc. approach differs from other officiants?
FW: Over the years I’ve come to the realization that there are a lot of fears and reservations couples experience when looking for an officiant. It’s such a big decision, and we’ve all been to those weddings where the guests are looking at their watches, and slipping into comas. At FunWeddings we believe everyone should enjoy your ceremony (especially the bride and groom)! We take time to get to know each couple personally, and work with them step-by-step to help make their wedding vision everything they’ve hoped for.
LS: As a preferred vendor for Liuna Gardens, tell us one of your most favourite weddings you worked?
FW: This is a tough one to answer. Part of me wants to say they’re all my favourite – and there’s some truth to that – but you might think I’m trying to avoid answering the question lol.  One ceremony that I’ll always remember was on August 25, 2012, 12pm, at Liuna Gardens. The couple’s names were Andrea and Aldo and they had a really fun/large wedding party with over 20 people! Everyone helped make the event great. But what was most memorable were the personal elements they added to their ceremony. From the thoughtful (sometimes humorous) vows, to the readings and involvement of their children, it was a great reflection of their life together.
LS: What sets you apart from your competitors?
FW: I think our personal, professional, and “down-to-earth” approach sets us apart. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but we believe it should be fun! Our goal is to make the entire experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Also, for us it’s all about the bride and groom. That means there are no “surprises”… Whether couples want a 10-minute “short and sweet” ceremony, or a 45-minute wedding with readings and ceremonial elements, then that’s exactly what they get.
LS: Weddings can be stressful at times, what advice can you give readers before their special day?
FW: Make a decision at the beginning of the planning process that you’re going to have fun, and then let that set the trajectory for everything else. Then, be fully present each step of the way.  You’re making lasting memories and the days leading up to your “big day” are an important part of that. Sometimes couples are so focused on the details; they forget to enjoy the moments. Just take it all in, and smile often ☺

LS: With so many great venues in the GTAH area, tell us why you enjoy collaborating with Liuna Gardens?
FW: Liuna Gardens has been one of my favourite wedding venues for many years now. The scenery is unmatchable, and the service and staff are incredible. With all the places I’ve been, and couples I’ve worked with over the years, I’ve only heard positive things spoken about Liuna. That, among other things, is why we feel so privileged to be a preferred vendor with them.
LS: What should readers ask when interviewing an officiant?
FW: Once you get through the typical information like “are you a legally licensed officiant?, “how long will my ceremony be?”, and “how long have you been doing this for?”; here are some great questions to ask:

  1. Why do you do weddings?  This is a great way to see if your potential officiant is passionate about what they do, or if they’re just trying to make a little “extra cash”. Officiants who love what they do will always do a better job.
  2. Tell us a bit about yourself?  The most important part of choosing an officiant is that you’re comfortable with them, and they’re relatable. Keeping things casual (as opposed to all business) is a great way to see if that chemistry is there.
  3. Do I feel at ease, or does this officiant stress me out? First impressions are important. If you can have a nice/casual conversation with your officiant it’s a good sign. Also, if you find them easy to talk to, usually your guests with find them easy to listen to.
  4. Do I feel like this officiant is listening to me? I.e. do they “get” what we’re looking for? The vision that you have for your big day is the most important thing. You shouldn’t feel like you need to defend your ideas. The meeting with the right officiant will make you more excited about your wedding day!

We’d like to thank Kip from Fun Weddings for taking some time to chat with us. Be sure to head over to Liuna Station blog to check out a mini interview with the power couple of David and Kara Wedding Imagery, and learn about their services and wedding tips when choosing your photographer.
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