Spring is our time to shine here at Liuna Gardens. We’re quite thankful for April (and May) showers so that all of the colourful blooms across our 12 acres of beautifully manicured gardens are able to flourish. Spring’s flowers serve as a reminder that summer is just around the corner –and that’s always something to get excited about.  
We aren’t the only ones getting giddy about flowers. We recently caught up with Betty Vellekoop, one of the wedding designers and consultants at the Watering Can Flower Market, Vineland location. Check out our interview below as we ask Betty about current flower trends, what inspires her and why she loves being in the business of flowers.   
LG: How did you get started in the flower business? 
BV: I have 25 years of wedding floral experience and attended the Flowers Canada Design School at Guelph University. I am one of the wedding designers and a consultant at the Watering Can Flower Market, Vineland location.  I work with a team of designers and assistants who collaborate to design and create something spectacular. 
LG: Tell us a little bit about The Watering Can? 
BV: My sister-in-law opened up the Watering Can Flower Market and at that time I assisted in their wedding department. I have been at the Watering Can since its inception.  
The Watering Can Flower Market is a family owned business that closely resembles the flower markets in Holland.  Flowers is our passion and sharing their beauty to help beautify the lives of our customers is most rewarding.  
LG: What kinds of trends are you seeing in the flower industry right now? 
BV: Over the past few years there has been on ongoing trend with plenty of rustic elements such as burlap, mason jars, baby’s breath and wildflowers. 
The latest trends have been moving towards more nature inspired elements. The bouquets tend to be flowing, airy with the use of much more foliage unlike the traditional designs of round and symmetrical bouquets. 

LG: What is your personal favourite flower and why? 
BV: My favorite flower is the lisianthus. It is available in many shades and resembles a rose but it is a softer & ruffled version.  It is very heat tolerant and performs well in bouquets; I can use it with the buds which gives a graceful movement to the bouquet or use just the blooms for a tighter more manicured bouquet.  They are locally sourced to ensure quality from land to bouquet  
LG: What tips do you have for couples who are looking to incorporate flowers into their wedding on a tight budget? 
BV: Brides are also welcome to provide/supply their own containers or glassware which can result in significant savings. If budget is a factor, I often advise them to limit or opt out of all the corsages and boutonnieres.  

 LG: From where do you draw inspiration for your arrangements?  
BV: My inspiration is the beauty and diversity of God’s creation I love the variety of colors, shapes and textures and creating something unique to showcase each bride. 
LG: What is the most unique or extravagant flower-related request you’ve received? 
BV: We work closely together to create many “one-of-a-kind” pieces and have decorated many spectacular venues and locations.  Presently we are working on a very large tropical foliage garland that will create a living chandelier which will transform a tennis court into a tropical paradise. 
LG: What is your favourite part about being in the business of flowers?  
BV: Although my passion is designing, one of my favorite experiences is meeting with all the brides and their friends and family. I love to hear their vision and to collaborate with them in transforming it to life. 
I also enjoy the setting up at the venue when everyone is rushing around doing their part to make everything perfect for the special day.  I arrive home feeling like I was an integral part of their day and this brings me great delight. 

 We’d like to thank Betty at the Watering Can flower Market, Vineland location for her sharing her thoughts and floral expertise. 
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