The New Year is quickly approaching. It’s the perfect time to start planning your upcoming 2018 events. Brainstorming unique ways to engage your guests before, during and after your event can be overwhelming. At Liuna Gardens we take pride in removing this type of stress off our clients, and working together to bring their vision to life. We all know when planning a successful event you need to think of your five senses, but what else do you need to think about when planning a gala event? We have come up with the below event tips to run a successful gala event in 2018:
Pick your gala date ASAP 
Get ahead of the game and utilize this time to secure a strategic date for your gala. There are so many wonderful organizations that are competing to capture guest confirmation. By sending out your save the date earlier on, will help you secure the number of seat confirmations needed, for a successful gala. Be mindful of religious holidays, city events, and other galas that may have similar sponsors or ticket-buyers!
Set realistic measurable goals for your gala. Clearly identify how many seats you wish to sell, the sponsors you wish to secure, and the different forms of revenue streams you want to implement. Doing so will create your gala’s blueprint, and identify what steps are needed to make it a successful event. Creating measurable goals will easily identify key learning’s after the gala to improve upon for next year.
Draw outside the lines, be creative!                                                                                                         
It’s all about the details, darling. Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in the details you put in the decor, layout, food, entertainment etc. From surprising add-ons to technology integrations Bizzbash article on 5 Ways to Rethink the Standard Benefit Gala will prompt you to rethink the old fashion way of planning your 2018 gala. At Liuna Gardens we are constantly looking for ways to be creative with our clients and provide guests with a memorable experience.

Location, Location, Location                                                                                                                 
When you are choosing a venue for your 2018 gala, the biggest advantage you get is the location and getting everything needed under one roof. With all the logistics you need to think about, you don’t want to run after multiple vendors and pay them separately. This can make your gala more expensive and complicated that it needs to be.  At Liuna Gardens we provide everything you need to run a successful gala. We are known for our location, staff and extraordinary one-of-kind catering service. You get to choose from hundreds of menu items that comprise of lunch and dinner main courses as well as specialties items. Your guests can enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Ontario and work with our trusted vendors. Check out our previous blog that highlights our vendors and how Teamwork, Makes the Dream Work. Our location is ideal for people from other surrounding cities like Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and Grimsby.

Once you have figured out your gala’s theme, think about what type of interactive entertainment you can secure. Whether it’s securing a well known artist who resonates with your company, or book a unique musician like our friend Divine Harp, who adds an electric twist to the classic harp. Why not surprise and delight your guests with a flash mob that breaks up your day with some fun! Figuring out the type of entertainment you want to provide is another important element when planning your 2018 gala events. The more memorable experiences you create will leave your guests with a positive lasting impression!
We hope you consider the above event planning tips for your upcoming 2018 gala event.
By the way, in case we didn’t mention, we would love to host your 2018 gala event! Get in touch today to book a site visit!
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From all of us at Liuna Gardens, thank you for following along!