From wedding linens, to chair covers and accessories, having a trusted wedding and party supplier is a must! With over 30 years experience, we are proud to work with our preferred vendor Latkat Linens. We recently caught up with Victor Katic owner and founder of Latkat Linens to talk about decor trends, how Latkat Linens differs from the rest, and advice he has for your upcoming wedding or corporate event.

LG: Tell us the story behind Latkat Linens
LL: We started with supplying a couple of restaurants and now supply many banquet centers with seating up to a 1000. In the past decade we have expanded and now specialize in wedding décor ranging from backdrops accented with chandeliers to luxury linens, crystal candelabras, Chiavari chairs and table settings.
LG: In your opinion, what popular trends do you see in the decor industry?
LL: Think vibrant and bold colours! However, and we always stress this, it is your day! So, if you want a classic wedding with white linens then that is what it should be – you determine the trend for the day, because it is your day after all!
LG: How does Latkat Linens differ from its competitors?
LL: Because we are a family owned business, and do not outsource any of our work, we focus on all the details to make your wedding exactly like you asked.

LG: What decor advice do you have for readers when planning their big day?
LL: Set a budget and let us know what that is, so we can work together to make your day happen.
LG: Can you share with us one of your most memorable events at LIUNA Gardens?
LL: We have been very fortunate to work with such a great team here at LIUNA Gardens and they work so hard to make every event special and unique that picking one event isn’t possible!

LG: How far in advance do you suggest readers to start planning their decor for their special day?
LL: The earlier the better – this way you can secure your hand-picked items and we can make sure to provide them for you on your special day.
LG: As a family owned and operated business, that is almost 30 years old! What is the biggest lesson you have learned?
LL: To listen! Every client brings their own unique ideas – it’s their day – so just listen to their needs/wants and make it happen!
We’d like to thank Victor from Latkat Linens for taking some time to chat with us!
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