Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? If you’ve ever had the pleasure of standing beside a dear friend on his or her wedding day, you’ll know the role of a bridesmaid or groomsman is not always all fun and games –it’s also lot of work! Continue reading to check out our list of Do’s and Don’ts for when it’s your time to stand up and support the bride or groom leading up to their special day.
DO know your role
Whether you’re the maid of honour, the best man or one of the other valued members of the bridal party, be sure you understand your responsibilities from the get-go. Every wedding party is different and every couple has different expectations for their bridal party. Make sure communication is clear so that everyone is on the same page –it will make for a smooth ride down the line!

DON’T forget to listen
Are you that friend who always has something to say? We hate to break it to you, but sometimes the best thing you can do for the bride or groom-to-be, is LISTEN! Sure you’ve got great ideas, but sometimes too many opinions can just complicate things when your friend already has a lot going on. If the bride or groom-to-be asks for advice, by all means share, share, share! Just remember that being good listener with a supportive attitude can go a long way!

DO budget, budget, budget

Wedding budgets aren’t just for the bride and groom-to-be! With the rising trend of destination bachelor and bachelorette parties and extravagant showers, members of the bridal party need to be conscious of their budgets too! Things like dresses and suits, shoes and new hairdo’s can really add up. Don’t be afraid to be up front with your friend about your current financial situation. The last thing a bride or groom wants is for any member of their bridal party to feel uncomfortable. This process is supposed to be fun!

DON’T take it personally

So the bride only gave you a 2-minute window for your speech? The groom made you wear a lime green bowtie? Even if something is not quite as you’d have it, try to go with the flow. Maybe the parents of the bride have decided to present a 30-minute monologue and slide show and the lime green bowtie brings out the colour in the grooms eyes. There is so much planning that goes into every little detail so even if you don’t quite understand the reasoning behind a bride or groom’s decision, don’t sweat the small stuff and try not to take it personally! Just remember you were chosen to play this special role for a reason – Just have fun with it!
DO offer to help – and mean it!

Throughout the wedding planning process there will be a lot of fun and exciting moments you’ll get to be a part of. Remember this when it’s time to put in some hard work! Planning a wedding is a big job and as a member of the bridal party, part of your role is to lighten the load of the bride and groom! Remember to offer genuine, practical help (we know you’ve got talent up your sleeve!) Be sure to take on tasks that you’re capable of handling because the goal is to make the life of the bride and groom-to-be just a little bit easier. All of your efforts will not go unnoticed and all of the hard work will be so worth it when you get to witness your friend smile and say “I Do” to the love of their life.

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