At Liuna Station we are known for hosting spectacular weddings. We love helping happy couples live out their dream nuptials and begin their happily ever after. With that being said, Liuna Station has a lot more to offer than just delivering exquisite weddings. When it comes to hosting professional, top quality corporate events – we mean business. We recently caught up with Marie Nash, the Communications and Events Manager at the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, to find out her best advice for executing a successful event, the importance of being innovative and why she thinks Liuna Station is the ideal place to host your next corporate event.

LS: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your position at the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.

MN: My name is Marie Nash, and I am the Communications and Events Manager at the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. In my role, I’m responsible for executing the external communications, branding and marketing strategies of the Chamber. I’m also responsible for the planning, promoting and execution of all our events, including the Mayor’s and City Manager’s Breakfasts, the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards, Ambitious City, and any new events that arise, such as our upcoming LRT business preparedness Series, LRT Ready.

LS: How did you get into corporate event planning?

MN: Prior to my role at the Chamber, I worked in marketing and communication roles for both national and regional media. While in these roles, I enjoyed event planning as a hobby and many suggested I should make it my career. I didn’t see how that was an option until this position became available at the Chamber, and I was able to combine my education in communications, work experience, and love of event planning.

LS: What is your favourite part about being in the business of planning events?

My favourite part of planning events for the Chamber in particular is seeing the direct impact that our events have on our members, their businesses, and the city of Hamilton overall.

LS: What are the first three things you do when you begin to plan an event?

The first three things I consider when beginning to plan events are:
1) Budget – Determining a set budget informs every decision I make regarding the event.
2) Potential number of attendees – Since we produce the same annual events, I commonly refer to our previous year’s attendance, which informs what size venue I can consider.
3) Decide a date – There are numerous corporate events in Hamilton that are attended by the same group of folks, therefore, I check in with other stakeholders to ensure we are not booking events on the same date.


LS: What qualities does Liuna Station possess that makes it an ideal location to host corporate events?

MN: Beyond Liuna’s professional and accommodating staff and outstanding service, the location of Liuna makes it an ideal location for corporate events. A majority of our attendees work downtown and are usually coming from their offices or heading back to their offices following the event. Liuna Station is conveniently located downtown, can accommodate a crowd of 500+, offers ample parking and is easily accessible by public transit.


LS: What has been your favourite event that you’ve planned and why?

MN: I really enjoy all the events the Chamber puts on, but I’d have to say my favourite is the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards. The event recognizes the best in business in a variety of categories, including Large, Mid-Size, Small Business, Not-For-Profit, and Century Awards. I love that the event provides these businesses a platform to tell the story of their businesses, how they are succeeding and contributing to the city of Hamilton overall. The energy in the room is incredible – attendees leave with a sense of excitement and optimism about the state of business in our community.

LS: What is your best advice for organizations when it comes to executing a successful event?

MN: One thing to keep in mind when planning a corporate event is that the majority of your audience likely attends numerous similar corporate events a year, and many attend your event year after year. To keep your attendees engaged and excited to attend your event in particular, you must constantly be creative and innovative. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but aim to make your corporate event stand out amongst the rest.
We’d like to thank Marie from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce for sharing her insights and corporate event planning expertise with us.

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