At Liuna Station, we’re proud of our history. Over the past couple of decades there have been so many extraordinary events held inside our walls. We’ve witnessed couples from all walks of life say their “I Do’s” in all sorts of ways –from good old-fashioned traditional weddings to flashy modern nuptials. In this week’s blog we’re exploring the wedding trends that are currently popping up and giving the traditional wedding a run for its money.

Who’s Hungry?

We’d never turn down a 7-course meal, but it is becoming increasingly more popular for people to opt for a less formal wedding feast. We are seeing more and more couples who want to spend less time around the table and more time out on the dance floor. Swapping out a sit-down dinner for a variety of delicious, served appetizers is a modern approach that we can get on board with. We say, as long as there’s enough mouth-watering food to go around, there’s no wrong way to deliver it!

Furry Friends Welcome

The role of a flower girl or ring bearer is no longer reserved for only the littlest and sweetest relatives in the family. We are seeing more and more animal lovers looking to incorporate their favourite furry friends in their special day. Brides beware –An adorable pooch in a bowtie is sure to steal the show!

Missing In Action

Before the days of smart phones and tablets, loved ones unable to attend a special wedding day would simply have to relive the event through stories or maybe catch a glimpse of some photos after the fact. Thanks to the technology we have available at our fingertips today, couples are coming up with creative solutions to make missing-in-action loved ones feel close when they are unable to celebrate in person. Through video calls and popular apps, special family members and friends from far and wide can witness vows in real time, send best wishes and most importantly feel as though they are sharing in the celebrations!

aliciawedding3Element of Surprise

A flash mob? A magic show? A surprise celebrity appearance? The weddings of today are becoming increasingly less predictable and oh so creative! Couples are breaking all the rules coming up with countless imaginative ways to surprise and entertain their guests…and we sure love being there to help make some of that magic happen!


Whether your vision for your special day is something modern and flashy or timeless and traditional, Liuna Station will be by your side to help make that vision come to life.

Stay tuned for weekly blog updates and make sure to follow us on social media as we deliver fresh, new content to inspire, excite and assist as you plan your dream event. From all of us at Liuna Station, thank you for following along!