Are you planning a special event and need some creative support? At LIUNA Station we take pride in partnering with a variety of talented preferred vendors to support you. Hiring a wedding and event design company, will help bring your dream into reality, and can eliminate some creative stress. We recently caught up with Susan Clark, Creator and Designer of Ettridges The Studio to find out about the latest event design trends, what makes LIUNA Station an ideal venue to work with, and advice you should keep in mind when designing a special event.

ettridgesLS) Tell us the inspiration behind Ettridges The Studio?

SC: My background of interior design, large-scale renovations, corporate premiums and fashion design are what has to lead to the creation of this company. Following an epiphany December 2015, the question was asked “what will. I wish in ten years I had started in 2015?” We are ecstatic to say we are starting year 4.

LS) What is the most rewarding aspect of being apart of the wedding and event design company?

SC: The most rewarding aspect of being apart of this industry is working with like-minded vendors, meeting new people everyday and hearing the feedback from our ecstatic clients after their wedding/event. It always brings so much joy to our studio when we get to hear how happy our clients are with the outcome of their vision.

LS) When planning special events, what are 3 key things readers should keep in mind?

SC: Three keys things that people should keep in mind when planning an event are:

  1. Your event should be an experiential visual experience for your guests
  2. Do not be afraid to make your wedding about you – if you like colour, use it!!
  3. Know what your budget is before you start, as its always easy to overspend

LS) What qualities does LIUNA Station possess that makes it an ideal location to host events?

SC: LIUNA station is one of the – if not most happiest – venue we have ever worked with. Their business philosophy is the same as ours – to always make your client happy. They go above and beyond to work with the vendors to accommodate our requests for any of our wedding or events. They, like us, truly love what they do.

elegant-wedding-red-gold-fall-wedding-theme27LS) How do you bring vision to life for clients planning their special event?

SC: We bring our clients visions to life from the very beginning of the planning process. We have been known to make 3D scale models of their event so they are able to understand the design elements involved. So many people do not understand the scale and its impact on an event. Being professionals in the industry, it is our job to make sure the client is fully aware of what their vision looks like and how it will be executed. Other common ways are: visions boards, swatches and mock-ups in our studio. We also truly feel you must see the space to design the space.

LS) Please tell readers how Ettridges The Studio stays creative and innovative within the competitive wedding and event design industry?

SC: In being blessed with a creative mind and artistic abilities, we are never lost for creativity. We have an active 2200 sq ft studio located in Burlington, meaning we develop and create in our own space. We are constantly working on new products and designs. Our clients always laugh, as the studio is never the same two weeks in a row – one week we could be working on an 8 ft wine bottle, the next a 3 inch rose. One of our latest endeavors is the balloon art world – be sure to check out our Instagram to see our latest creations.

LS) Can you pinpoint one of your most memorable events you coordinated for Ettridges The Studio?

SC: Picking just one event is difficult for us to do as every event we create is memorable. With that said we do go crazy, when our clients have the same appreciation for detail as we do. Some events that stand out in our mind are; turning a tennis court into a pop up art gallery for wedding, covering a 40 ft sign outside with paper flowers and balloons, a proposal in a private home, turning a warehouse space into a German beer tent, and being the first company at LIUNA to split their drapes and install a 15 ft paper flower wall – understanding the company needs to have millions in liability in insurance to do
so! 🙂

We’d like to thank Susan from Ettridges The Studio for sharing her insight in the wedding and event design industry with us.

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From all of us at LIUNA Station, thank you for following along!