Our Favorite Favours!

Here at Liuna Station, we have noticed that the best wedding or party favours fall into one or all of the following categories: EDIBLE, USEFUL, or PERSONAL.  We know all to well that many wedding favours we receive wind up on a shelf collecting dust – or worse – in the trash.  After reflecting on the thousands of weddings we have hosted here at Liuna Station, we have put a list of some of the most fun, clever and well thought out party and wedding favours that we have seen or received!


Gourmet Flavoured Coffee Grinds

Served in a lovely chic paper bag wrapped in lace with the Bride & Grooms monogrammed initials. It gave the room a beautiful French Vanilla scent when they were on the tables! Who doesn’t love coffee?

 Mini-Honey Jars

“Thanks for Bee-In With Us On Our Special Day!” So Sweet! Pun Intended. You could even tie your favorite pancake recipe for their next breakfast!

 Cigar Rolled on the Spot by a Cuban Cigar Roller

Ok so this one is a little pricey, but gotta hand it to them – it was unique!

cdCD Wedding Soundtrack

A custom CD of the songs used during your ceremony, first dance, father daughter dance, and favorite love songs in a beautiful personalized sleeve.

Hot Sauce & Sriracha Salt

Custom Hot Sauce and a jar of Sriracha spiced salt. The couple, who were huge BBQ & Ribfest aficionados, had their favorite company prepare mini-versions of their product for their guests to enjoy!

Agnostura Bitters 

Handed out at the wedding of one of our former Bartender-Mixologists! Bitters can be used to flavour drinks, dressings, salads, etc.

 Personalized Fortune Cookies

Decorated in wedding colours, dipped in edible sparkles, with a personalized note from the bride and groom on the inside!

Mojito Kit

Burlap & lace bag with fresh mint, a small lime, a mini-rum, and wooden muddler and recipe!


“Don’t be blinded by our Love!” Custom Wayfarers handed out for an outdoor ceremony. Useful!

Custom Biscotti, Macaroons, Cake Pops or Fancy Cookies 

Any delicious sugary treat is a win in our books!pretzelsticks


Adorable Mini succulents perfect for a kitchen windowsill, or Office. These plants are low maintenance and hard to kill so they are great for anyone, even if you don’t have a green thumb!

Essential Oils or Gourmet Herbed Olive Oils

Healing Oils like Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus or Jasmine make lovely gifts.  We are noticing bottled gourmet Olive Oils with Rosemary Sprigs or other herbs are trending and very rustic!

Jams, Jellies, Fancy Butter, Fruit Butters

In mini-jars, custom made apple-peach butter or herbed whipped butter, perfect for the next day’s breakfast! They will use it for sure – probably to nurse the post-wedding hangover.

Loose Leaf Tea & Tea Diffuser  

“Love is Brewing!” Custom loose leaf tea bundles and bags paired with a heart shaped tea diffuser!

Lottery Ticketslotto

“For Richer or For Poorer.”  Sealed in a beautiful monogrammed envelope these were handed out to each bridal shower guest! This was part of a game where the guests had to guess where the Groom met the Bride – unexpectedly in line getting lottery tickets! I guess he won the wedding jackpot!

Donations on Behalf of the Bride, Groom & Guest

Donations to any cause close to the Bride and Grooms are always heartwarming.

Anything Local to Hamilton

We’ve seen some amazing Brides & Grooms bring in Late Night Food Trucks, Items from Local Hamilton or James Street Businesses, Bundles from the Farmer’s Market in lieu of a traditional party favor.

 And last but not least, Our Staff’s Favorite Pick:

Nutella with Two Personalized Spoons.  

Different, right? But honestly, one of our staff members gave this away at his wedding, and it was the best thing ever. He loves Nutella. We love Nutella. It was love at first sight with this party favor.

We always reassure our brides & grooms that favors are a little detail and shouldn’t be stressed over. Many couples are opting out of the tradition altogether. If you still love the idea, make sure it’s something that is suited to both of you and doesn’t break your budget. Guests are there on your special day to spend time with YOU. Have fun with this wedding project! Cheers!