Trust us when we say we see large weddings. The Grand Central Ballroom here at Liuna Station can hold 700 people! We know how tricky it can be to cut down a guest list and handle a large floor plan! Here is our advice for the simplest, stress-free way to approach your guest list!

The Simplest Way to Tackle your Guest List!

  • What size you would like your wedding to be?
  • What Venue/Ballroom do you have. What is its capacity?
  • Are you inviting full families or is it adults only? Be very clear about this.
  • Make Two Lists of Guests: DEFINITELY and MAYBE
  • Figure out how many spots you have left and then look at your MAYBE list
  • Discuss this list with your partner. As yourselves the following questions.
    • Does your partner know them. Should they know them?
    • Have I talked to them or met up with them within this year?
    • Did I go to their wedding or would I be invited to their wedding?
    • Am I only inviting them because my parents want me to or feel obligated to?
    • Will their presence make your parents or in-laws happy
    • Is there a good reason NOT to invite them? Whether they are get belligerent or are prone to disastrous moments – trust your gut instinct on this one. Sometimes there are acceptable reasons to not invite someone, especially if they don’t meet the above criteria.
  • Ensure your RSVP date is a decent enough time to do a second mail out and give your venue your final numbers and any allergy info – don’t leave this to last minute.
  • Have the standby list and invites ready. If  people RSVP no – send out more invites. Don’t worry that you will offend anyone. 2 rounds of invites is normal.

Other Tips and Suggestions:

  • Who is footing the bill? If your parents or in-laws are throwing in a large chunk of money, it is polite and fair to ask them their opinion on the guest list.
  • Sides: Try not to be too picky on how many people from each “side of the family” or  friends. You are all family now. If the person is important to your partner make sure they are present.
  • Co-Workers. Remember some co-workers are close friends. Don’t disregard them just because you don’t want to start inviting coworkers.
  • Don’t succumb to pressure or guilt. If it is really not in your budget don’t invite them or hold off to see how many people respond in a first around of RSVP’S.

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